The cops had come quickly when the
gunmen were shooting sporadically.
They were yet to gain access into the
house. Tony had locked all the doors
around. The gunmen were still
shooting, shattering window glasses,
with holes all over the fence and some
of the guards parked outside.
The assasins had locked the gate from
inside so the police couldnt gain access
into the compound. So, some climbed
over the fence and into the compound.
But some were shot in the leg in the
process of jumping by the assasins.
One of the assasins finally broke the
door and entered the house, tow
entered and one remained outside
shooting any cops that attempts
climbing the fence.
Tony turned around and saw Maria.
‘Maria, what are you doing here? Will
you get inside your room now? Get in
fast and lock yourselves up!!’
Maria looked behind Tony and saw two
gunmen pointing their guns at Tony.
She screamed.
Tony turned back and saw them, all
dressed in back. He immediately stood
in front of Maria.
‘who are you?’ he asked. He wasnt the
least scared at all. Maria stood at the
back of her dad for protection with her
hands over her mouth.
One of the men corked his gun ‘we are
assasins sent to kill you’
Tony nodded ‘i see. So what do you
‘your head’
Tony laughed ‘go back to whoever sent
you, tell the person that you didnt
succeed now. You better go now before
i change my mind’
The masked gunmen exchanged
Two cops tiptoed behind them,
snatched their guns and pushed then
down,they were taken off guard.
‘arrest them and make sure they
confess who sent them’ Tony said
‘yes sir!’
‘and make sure no one is around my
‘yes sir!’
‘and….i want to know if my gateman is
‘he was shot sir. My men are taking his
body to the mortuary’
‘WHAT?!’ Tony couldnt believe his ears.
Aliyu, his gateman dead?
‘we shall take our leave now’ one of the
cops said as they took the handcuffed
and unmasked assasins outside.
Maria couldnt sleep again that night.
What if the assasins return? Some
policemen were still outside. They
would stay all night to ensure that
nothing happens again. But still, her
spirit wasnt at rest.
The next morning, Tony came into her
room. She frowned on seeing him.
‘good morning dad’ she greeted
‘good morning Maria. Are you okay?
Were you hurt yesterday?’
Maria looked at him ‘do you care? I
thought you dont care about me
‘Maria, i asked you a question. Are you
‘do you know how scared i was last
night? Did you even try to comfort me?
Even when everything died down, did
you even ask me how i was? Of not for
Alice, i would have slept in your room,
because i was so scared, i couldnt sleep.
And now you come here and ask me if
i’m okay? Do i look okay to you?’
Tony sighed ‘well, sorry about that? But
dont try to blame Alice for that. Its all
your fault’
‘how is all that my fault?’

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