Episode 6
They say: “A closed mouth is a closed destiny”. The S£x issue between monica and i which I lost all the clues was truly a battlefield without a bang of a gun… And In order for me to prepare a gun that does not make a sound. I have to contact experts. I begin look for a way to inform someone about my predicament. I then remember man-t, the geologist student. One and only frnd i have at school. The S£x master:
****picked up my phone and connected man-t’s number.***** he picks the phone call after three attempts;

Man-t: hello, who is this please?

Me: heeee, nawah oooo, so you done get rid of my numbers abi?

Man-t: no be so my guy ooooo…. I changed my phone ni oooo…

Me: and you can’t copy your contact abi?

Man-t: planning to do that soon jareh. So who I dey talk to?

Me: nah j-tee dey talk jareh.

Man-t: j-tee baba oooooo. I dov my cap my man. As you done call me today. E be like say you done reconsider my offer over that you chopstick leg babe?

Me: I no call for that one ooo. We go they settle that one when we resume.

Man-t: really? Good one. So, why calling then?

Me: just wanna know what can cause weakness of erection nni ooo…. Pls enlight me!

Man-t: ha ha! If you cut-off the head and tail, then how will I be able to understand what are you saying?

Me: sorry for that… It is possible to cum without erection? Nah in I wanna ask you.

Man-t: shield more light about this to me… Firstly, who this happened to?

Me: heeeeemmm

Man-T: Stop it my guy. Why it is always obvious when you are lying?? Nah you this happen to right?

Me: nah so I see am, my guy ooo. Nah one chick came to defeat me flawless at home and i really could not do anything about it.

Man-t: omo… You done used your aura finish ni yen oo

Me: wetin make I do now? Cause I no know wetin came over me.

Man-t: omo…. n’tan se tun ku… Sebi the girl go still comeback abi?

Me: I hope soooo…

Man-t: pray she comeback Sah. Sey you done bang her before.

Me: yeah

Man-t: OK, You needs to do factory setting first for now… After that,

Me:OK! So what?

Man-t: after that, you wilI let her know that you never started yet, your whale will appear soon.

Me: ****my mind rest little**** thanks my guy.

Man-t: I will ransack my drawer and help you find something to use for defense mechanism for Defiance’s child.

Me: thanks man

Man-t: I will send it through SMS to you Sah.

me: OK! **** I even wanted to ask him if it is possible for someone to take person erection, but Who would ever believe that saying?******

****phone dropped from connection****
*** 5 minutes later****
A message came on my phone; SMS from man-t….
When I opened it, I saw:

Sms: go to any herbal flushers’ outlet. Ask of doctor kogo flusher. When you get it. Before taking it. Make sure you buy Vega keep inside before you make any love with her. Take doctor kogo in the morning to flush you stomach. And when she done come around and you know that it is about 3 minutes remain for you to start pumping her. Then, take Vega. ‘NOTE: don’t take Vega if she never shows up. Goodluck man!!!

With that little explanation of the drugs to buy and how to use it. I knew right away that if Monica should come around. I hope there is going be the fight of two giant elephants….

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