‘i dont like that idea Tony, it sounds
childish’ Aice said as they entered Tony’s
‘thats the solution Alice. I’ve thought
about it severally. At least, by the time
she comes back, she would be more
matured and ready to accept you’
‘that wont solve anything at all dearie.
She will ony hate me more. And that she
was right afterall, i ony came into your
family to cause havoc between the both
of you. Isnt that what she thinks of me
already Tony? I want nothing more than
to clear that misunderstanding. And that
i’m here for peace not to ruin your
relationship which is already getting
Tony sighed ‘i really dont get you at all
Alice. Do you want to suffer?’
‘no, i will not suffer. A small kid like
Maria can never make me suffer. Tony, i
love you and i love your child too. If your
child doesnt love me then…..i….i’
‘you wouldnt get married to me?’
‘no Tony. But i have to try my possible
best to get her to love me even if not as
a mother. At least, like a friend’
‘i dont see any sense in that’
‘please Tony, give me a chance to prove
to her that i really love her, not as a
stepmother but as a mother. I love
Maria, i really do and i care alot about
her. No mother would bear being
separated from her child for too long.
Maria might not be my child but i care
for her and i dont want her out of my
sight for too long. She’s just a growing
girl and there’s alot of things she needs
to her and that’s the responsiblity of a
‘but the so called Maria is not ready to
accept you. She hates you! She sees you
as a…..look Alice, i’ve got this under
control. If not for your foolish idea
about going to her room to talk sense
into someone who’s got her heart
shielded with hatred, i wont have even
bothered stepping my foot into her
room and if not for the wedding, she
would have left tonight!’
‘Tony, why this hatred? She is your
daughter for crying out loud!’
‘and i love her! I want the best for her
and i love you too. I want the best for
you as well but since she’s finding it
difficult to accept you, she should just
leave and go somewhere far, at least, till
she becomes mature’ he sat on the bed.
‘this is rubbish! Arrant nonsense, are
you the one thats even saying such a
‘you might not understand what i’m
trying to do now but in the nearest
future, when Maria grows into a big girl
and mature enough to handle
situations, you will appreciate all i’m
Alice kept quiet but she was thinking.
Was it right to send Maria abroad?

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