(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 29
Chester kept his books on his desk. He wore a white canvas, white trouser and a white shirt with black strips on it to match the nature of his hair and wrist watch which sparkled when the light from an electric bulb reflected on it. He sat quietly on the bed thinking about what his eyes saw in Maria’s apartment. Few minutes Later, Maria opened his door gently. He glanced at her and concentrated while she stood before him speechless.
“I’m sorry, Chester” she said with a low and a piteous voice,
“Sorry for what?” Chester asked without looking at her.
“About what happened today”
“Is none of my business” he said then both remained quiet. “I want to asked one thing from you” Chester added.
“I want you to run a pregnancy test today and show me the result”
“But why?”
“Maria, I’m not stupid!” he stood up. “I want that pregnancy test to be done today before you come one day telling me you are pregnant for me thereby giving me the responsibility of another man!!”
“Is that what you think?!”
“What else should i think when u have multiple sexual partners?! Now, go out there and bring me the pregnancy result before nightfall” Chester concluded looking at her and stretching his hands towards the door.
“I don’t blame you” Maria walked out angrily looking sexy in her bumshort and high-heel shoes.
Linda actually told Tochi everything and how she felt when she had her first kiss with Kingsley. “It was amazing!” she had said as they were going home.
Melody wore Edwin’s singlet with a jean trouser. One could see the hand of her black bra along side with the hand of the singlet. She sang a song as she was in the kitchen preparing dinner while Edwin battled with her assignment.
“This assignment is a bit difficult oh!” he shouted.
“Bitter do it oh. And you must finish it before I’m done with this food” Melody replied from the kitchen then Edwin smiled at her command.
Few minutes later, Melody serve a plate of rice before him with two spoons and they began to eat happily.
“If your food is tasty like this, i wonder how sweet you will also taste” Edwin said smiling.
“You have started again, naughty boy” she smiled too pretending as if she didn’t know what he was talking about and they fed themselves occasionally. Few minutes later, they laid side by side in the bed looking at each other in the eyes.
“I can see you in my future” Edwin began. “I just hope we end up together because i love you so much”
“Yes, i love you too. We should concentrate on our studies so that we will have a brighter future, okay?” she began to touch his cheek smiling.
“Okay” Edwin replied smiling too and touching her hair. He gradually laid on top of her and began to kiss her stimulating her breat also which made her nipples stood erect. He occasionally wanted to go inbetween her legs with his hand but she removed it instantly. The romance got so sensitive that she didn’t know when she was left with only her pant which he wanted 2 undress to find his way into her vagina.
“Wait!” Melody shouted.
“What is it?”
“I’m scared”
“I won’t hurt u my love”
“No, I’m scared of pregnancy”
“U won’t be pregnant, trust me”
“What if i become mistakenly?”
“Then i will have a girl to take to the alter” Edwin replied and they smiled. Without being reminded, he continued from where he stopped. He kissed her passionately and gently undressed the pant which she hesitated at first but released her hands for him to have his way into her vagina and practically break her hymen. It was a feeling she had never experienced or expected, so she reciprocated reluctantly until they were satisfied.
Calista had been dating James who she accepted long time ago. She had actually been having a lovely time with him and enjoying the relationship. Jennifer was the only girl who was disappointed by several guys. As Calista sat on a chair reading a book, she came in looking angry and disappointed. She kept her bag and sat on the bed with her hands folded.
“Jennifer, ongini? What is it?” Calista asked looking at her from the chair.
“Can you imaging Roland has broken-up with me?”
“But why?”
“I don’t know, i didn’t even do anything. I offered everything to him even my body..” her voice began to break then she started crying. “I can’t believe this is the fifth guy breaking up with me in less than two months. Ehn..?” she looked at Calista with tears in her eyes. “Or am i not beautiful enough? Ehn.. Calista tell me, where did i go wrong? Right from my secondary school i have always been disappointed by men..”
Calista felt her pains and tears so she stood up and embraced her.
“You are more than beautiful my dear. Don’t worry yourself so much about it. It simply means that the right man has not come your way. Please, stop crying” she consoled her…

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