Alice came down from the car tiredly.
She hadnt even closed the door when
Felix ran to her.
She hugged her son. Then she looked
up and saw her mother sitting
absentmindedly in the garden. After
giving her handbag to Felic to drop in
her room, she went over to her mother.
‘mummy,’ she called with a small smile
‘good afternoon’
Kofo looked up and managed a smile
‘welcome’ then she kept quiet again.
‘mummy, are you okay?’
‘yes. Go inside, i personally prepared
nsala soup with pounded yam, your
favourite’ Kofo said in a bid to discharge
Alice sighed ‘okay, i will. I just want to
ask for your opinion in a matter, tow
matters actually’
Kofo groaned ‘cant we talk later? I’m
very tired’
Alice was taken aback. She wanted to
say something but she kept quiet, just
kept looking at a mother like a ghost for
a few seconds.
‘why are you looking at me nau? Please
go inside, besides, Felix wanted to tell
you something’ Kofo said.
Alice sat on the chair Felix had vacated,
then she held Kofo’s hands.
‘mummy, i do not know what is
disturbing you, but i would want to
know, you are becoming pale now
‘there’s nothing wrong with me’
‘mum, thats a lie’
‘Alice, pleaseeee, leave me alone’
Alice shrugged ‘okay, no problem. But i
do have something i would want to
share with you’
Kofo looked at her. If looks could kill
then Alice would have dropped dead by
now ‘what is it?’
‘its about Maria. The daughter to the
man i’m about to marry’
‘what about her?’
Kofo sighed after listening to Alice.
‘so you still want to marry a man whose
daughter is against you?’
‘mummy, i……’
‘listen to me. You cannot marry a man
when his family is against you, most
especially when the person is living in
that house with him. The person might
be your hidden enemy’
‘so what do i do?’
‘my dear, i would advise you leave that
man alone. You dont want to cause a
rift between father and child, do you?
Dont worry, your own man will come.
And when he comes, no man would be
able to cause asunder’
‘mummy, are you saying i should break
up with him? I love him and besides, i’m
pregnant for him’
‘you are always pregnant for a man
who you wont end up with. Isnt it
obvious that you and Tony or whatever
cant work? That man’s daughter hates
you. You wont have a happy marriage.
And no matter what, blood will always
be blood and love will always be love.
Blood is greater than love whether you
like it or not. If you get married to that
man, one day he would turn against
Alice shook her head ‘no. Not the Tony i
know. He would stand by me at all
‘sharrap! What do you know? I’ve been
there and i’m warning you. Get rid of
that baby and break off with him.
Marriage is not by force and let him
know that you can never marry him
without his daughter’s consent’

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