Episode 27…
Within a jiffy, I have found myself inside our car and racheal starts driving and running behind the jeep that is about 50 meters ahead of us. And while she is driving the following conversations ensured;

Me: how do you know she is the one?

Racheal: I was her back holding a small kid and entered the jeep just about 2 minutes you departed. I even wonder why you didn’t see her. Perhaps, she took another place to come outside, because you guys suppose to see each other.

Me: but you never met her before, how do you recognize she is the one.

Racheal: I have seen her pictures a couple of time. I am sure she is the one.

Me: ok, but hope she didn’t show any sign when she entered the jeep. Like maybe she has seen me before she came out of hotel.

Racheal: I don’t think so. She never act so strange at all.

Me: I hope she is the one.

Racheal: me too…

We drove for like twenty minutes again until the jeep where are following come to a halt infront of one mega stories building at, not exactly at akora estate, but church street, joseph dosu way. I sense that the place is very close though. As we were waiting for the next move, a gateman came to open for the jeep and they drove in. I wanted to drop right away to go and figure out if she is but racheal stopped me.

Racheal: wait… you can’t go lie that!

Me: why?

Racheal: you never sure if she is the one. We have to wait.

Me: but we cant wait here, you know.

Racheal: we need to come back tomorrow and find a strategies o how to enter the compound. Start thinking of a way, don’t let her get us off guard.

Me: OK!!!

Racheal: wait… I think we can do something before will leave here today…

Me: what will that be now?

Racheal: did you bring those bags and shoes, and have you attach those trackers into each?

Me; yea…. Why asking?

Racheal: let try to create a kinda alibi before we leave tonight. Can you get off the car for some minutes and go and wait for me over there?

Me: sure!!!

Racheal: where are the bags and shoe?

Me: behind the wheel.

Racheal: go wait for me over there and let no one notice you are waiting for me.

Me: ok! ***I came down off the car and start trekking to front to go and wait for her***

Racheal drove ito the gate where the so called opeyemi suspect entered and start hooting the car. Minutes later, gateman opened the gate and follow conversation ensure between the gateman and racheal:

Racheal: goodevening oooo….

Gateman: goodevening madam. How may I help you ma?

Racheal: sorry, is madam at home?

Gateman: yea, she just cameback from work…

Racheal: I met her somedays ago. Though, I have promised to bring some of our products to her but I was so busy and since tomorrow is Sunday, I hope to get in touch with her tonight and comeback for feedback tomorrow.

Gateman: ok! But madam won’t be able to see you again tonight. And did you make any appointment with her already. Or does she know you are coming here tonight?

Racheal: she doesn’t know am coming here tonight and I am not ready to see her either. But can you just help me give her some products. I Will check her tomorrow.

Gateman: no problem, madam.

Racheal: ***came down from car and open the bonnet… she handed over a bag and pair of shoes to the gate*** thank you sir.

Gateman: ***collected the bag and shoes*** you welcome ma!!!

Racheal:***open her bag and brought out #1000, giving it to the gateman*** please, help me convince the madam that I have been asking of her. That I got no alternative that is why I dropped it since evening for her assessment (added a little lie) and help me convince her to like the materials. If possible she like her and I am supply her, I wont forget you.

Gateman: ***having collected the monry*** thanks madam. I will try to convince her.

Racheal returned back inside the car and started the engine, while gateman made his way back inside the house. 2 minutes later she drove over to where I was and I hopped inside the car and we drove off. We could not return back to whispering palm resort again as many thought where running through both of us mind. For the fact that we can’t envisage the channel in which opeyemi might have travelled to exploit power, in order to live a fulfilled life without being disturb by the karma of her contrivance. We went for about five kilometers away from opeyemi vicinity for log-in to hotel and stay there for overnight. Throughout the night, we could not sleep as our minds were full of imminent of opeyemi’s danger. The following came late that expected that made me concluded that night is longer than the day. But, when we later got to the house where we saw opeyemi last night. Something happened that made me theorized the dilemma of life that truly, ****Guns don’t kill people, people do…****

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