I thought of what to do, oh God, why cant she just go straight to where she’s going? i got back to where i was sitting, the look on my face shows that something is bothering…..
james: guy what happen? is one of your villagers dead?
me: james, are you mad? why can’t you just mind your own business? what’s your problem
james: easy guy, you look like someone who is about to face death
**everybody laughs**
me: thats the problem of your life…….
after staying for like three minutes, then i thought of going to the school gate to wait for my mum, as i got to the gate, i saw her car coming, thank God, she won’t be able to enter the school premises when she finally sees me….
me: mum!!! *****chai, thank God ooo, this woman almost ruin what have planned*****
mum: son, why did you do that? you left without even telling me, is it because of yesterday’s conversation? son am sorry, i really need to go for this meeting, so, please!!!
me: its okay mum, am also sorry for talking to you that way
mum: its okay son **we hugged for like 30seconds, she brought out one envelope** take this son **i collected it from her, kini? you think say i no go collect am abi? na lie ooooo..** thats #20,000 you can spend it during your excursion
me: thanks!!!

she got back into her car, and drove away, i decided to wait for her car to move away before going back to the school premises, then i heard someone talking, that question shocked me gan oooo, the person aksked, “is that your mum?”, *****maybe because she’s driving range rover sport***** i looked back, i saw …………………….
one of the female teachers, her name is mrs precious, shes my economics teacher
me: no oooo
mrs precious: liar, i heard her calling you son, and you also called her mum, and you both hugged, so why are you lying to me?
me: yes, you are right, shes my mum
mrs precious: well, mr badmus is calling you, the school bus is ready
me: thanks……
i got to the school premises, i sat at the back seat, with two devils sitting beside me, james and benita, and one angel, temmy………………

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