‘see my dear, let me advice you as a
sister. I love you, you know i do. We’ve
been friends since you started dating
Benjamin. You’ve been my best friend
since. You see, you just cant marry Tony
when his daughter is not comfortable
with you oo. You will end up regretting
it. You love him yes but dont let love lead
in this matter. Your head first then love
later. Do you know what you will do?
Call Tony, call Maria or whatever her
name is, discuss this matter very well,
you guys should come to a conclusion.
If she doesnt want you, its as simple as
ABC, just abort the pregnancy and kiss
goodbye to whatever relationship you
guys have. Or better still, if you dont
want to abort the pregnancy, keep it
and keep dating him. Keep your
wedding plans on hold first till she
finally comes around. If she doesnt
come around, just know you cant keep
waiting for him forever. You have to
find another man because time waits
for no one.
And just know that you and Tony were
never meant to be. Believe me sweetie,
if you and Tony are meant to be
together, then not even Lucifer can
ressurect from the bottomless pit to
stop you guys from getting wedded’
Amy adviced.
Tears drenched Alice’s face. Why was
badluck following here everywhere?
How could she lose Tony now that she
loved him more than life itself. It seems
she wasnt cut off for marriage. First
Benjamin, he died a week to their
wedding when she was already
pregnant for him.
And now Tony, it was obvious they have
to go their separate ways few months
to their wedding when she was already
pregnant for him. Again!
She was ready to stay with him, even if
Lucifer escapes from the bottomless pit
to destroy them, but perhaps Amy and
Kofo was right. If she should marry
Tony, it would cause a rift between him
and his daughter which was already
And causing a rift between Maria and
Tony was the last thing she wanted. But
she loved Tony to a fault, and she
wanted to spend the rest of her life
with him.
‘have you told your mum about this?’
Amy asked and she nodded. ‘what did
she say about it?’
‘the same thing. She told me to call it
quits with him. But i’m afraid Amy. I’m
afraid i cant live without him. I’m afraid
and besides i’m carrying his baby’
‘oh forget it Alice. Werent you able to
get over Benjamin’s death? And fell in
love again? Werent you carrying his
baby then? Didnt you survive it? Arent
you so crazily in love with another guy
again? Cheer up sweetie, all will be fine.
Yes, it would hurt now but with time,
remember time heals yesterday’s pains.
You will find another guy who you
would so madly fall in love with, insanely
fall in love with, crazily in love with.
Trust me Alice. Just forget about him.
He’s not the one for you’
Alice raised her tear stained face ‘what
about his baby Amy? What will i tell his
baby? And how can i have two children
for two separate men and i didnt end
up with any of them? Wont my children
see me as a promiscous lady when they
grow up? What will people say about
‘stop worrying yourself about what
people f—–g say about you dear. Dont
give a s–t about anyone. Only then, only
then can you make progress in your life’
‘and apart from that, i love Tony…..’
‘you loved Benjamin too didnt you?’
Amy nodded ‘but the situation is
different. I….’
‘you love Tony more than you loved
Benjamin right?’
‘i didnt mean it that way’
Amy wiped off the tears spilled on
Alice’s face ‘cheer up. Call Tony now, if
he has a final solution to the problem
now, then you guys should start
working on it. But let him know that it
will be the last before you guys go your
separate ways’
Alice nodded and with shaky hands,
picked up her phone and dialled Tony’s

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