. episode2**
i reached my school around 8.0clock am. you know na after shaking hands with some of your classmate and knowing whatsup. when i entered the school i saw the assistant senior prefect catching late comers though she is not that strict. when she saw me she beckoned on me to come forward. she told me to meet her during break at the back of her class which is ss2. less i forget the name of my school is good shepherd academy. we have a very big field and a nice compound but a strict maths teacher. later i will tell you why i called him strict. as i joined the assembly i just stood at the back of one of my guy called aboby. which i later learnt the boy joined one cult during our ss3 but i will not press further cause it not necessary. well when i joined them the principal was just advising us bla bla bla. which we later entered our class. when we got to the class our class prefect told us to summit our maths note. but as i was going to my seat. my seat mate joy just called my name and was demanding i give her my note. which she said she will be coming to my house so i can elaborate more on the topic.i just waved that off my mind cause i know i cant do anything to her. but joy is a fair girl with figure 8 that everyone will love to have as a girlfriend. but the problem is that she dont give them the chance. i heard of one ss1 boy she slapped when he was trying to woo her. but that a story for another day. something shocking happened during break watch out in epis 3


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