Two days later…..
Went out as usual this morning to get newspapers, the job haunting hasn’ t been easy one, had applied for more than five different companies and positions but still yet to get an interview invite , I knew it won ’ t be easy to get a job but I honestly never knew it would be this difficult even with my result . I got the newspaper and headed back to the house , I opened the gate and caught a sight that left me star struck , a young lady, no sorry , an angel was standing at the balcony of the front flat wearing her night wears, I could not help but to admire this beauty , she looked out and caught me staring at her , she smiled and waved at me before entering the house, I did not return her wave, I could not return it, that was how much effect she had on me . I later recovered myself and began to wonder who she could be , this compound must have so many treasures that I was yet to discover, I then remembered what Mekus told me , she must be Bisi , the daughter of Mr and Mrs Babatunde, Mekus said I should not near because her parents were over protective but who wouldn’ t want to near such beauty ? If anybody, definitely not me …
I have been seeing go out every morning to buy newspaper, I wonder what he uses the newspapers for, he was extremely handsome just the way I like my guys , he seemed like the serious type , I really wanted to know more about him but all I knew was that he stays in the same flat as those crazy guys, I wished he would notice me until this morning, I had worn one of those my sexy nighties to bed, I woke up to mummy yelling my name , she kept complaining about how lazy I was becoming before commanding me to go mop the parlor, I got up and went to get the moping stick from the balcony, I saw him enter the compound but I was too shy to look at him, I waited some minutes to be sure he had gone but when i moved to enter the house, I noticed he was still there staring or rather fucking me with his eyes , I gave him one of those ‘ my pussy is all yours ’ smile before entering my house , the thought of how he was staring at me made me wet instantly and if not for mum ’ s wahala, I would have gone straight to my room and wank….
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I woke up this saturday morning feeling weird, I had a dream where I was counting a lot of money, I also saw the scores of some league matches in my dream , normally, am the type that don’ t dream or I forget my dreams after waking up but this dreams remained very clear In my memory, I really have to play those games, I checked my wallet and saw a hundred naira notes , that would not be enough , I needed to borrow some cash and fast, I thought of going to Mekus but the dude been complaining about how broke he is lately, Femi ? No way , that idiot will want me to pay him times ten of what he lends me , I could not go to Chuks , we were not that close yet, moreover , he has been spending a lot ever since he came , my last option was Baba Landlord , he is even owing me for the last job I did for him with Tayo, I immediately brushed my mouth and made my way upstairs to the landlord’ s flat , I knocked on his door
Landlord :
taa ni e Me : baba na me o, na noel Landlord : ehen , kilo ofe Me : baba open abeg , I wan see you * He opens the door * Landlord : ehen , kilode wetin happen Me : baba na wa o, since wey I help you do that parole, you no even talk say make you complete that money for me again Landlord : which parole, abi weray le eleyi , shey na that useless girl wey her kini free like lekki beach, see make I tell you, I no get one kobo to give you Me : eeehn, baba so na wetin you go talk ?
Landlord :
ehn , wetin you wan make I talk ? Me : no yawa sha, and I don already dey help you do Bisi parole o but …. . Landlord : ehn , but wetin Me : as you no wan cooperate , me go just cancel the parole Landlord : ah ! Iwo bobo yi, shey them no dey follow you play for saturday morning? Na play I dey play, come inside… I managed to get five thousand naira from him that morning as the old fool kept saying things were tough , like I don ’ t know, I hurriedly went to sport bet shop close to us and placed my bet with one thousand, I would get one hundred thousand if the thing just click , I used three thousand to buy some foodstuffs , I don’ t joke with tummy . The boys celebrated when they saw the foodstuffs .

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