Maria sensed danger when Tony barged
into her room like a thief, he was visibly
angry and his eyes red, like he had been
crying and she wondered why.
‘dad….i….wel…welc..ome’ she
‘dont try to welcome you, you idiot!
Foolish tramp, thats what you are
Maria!!’ he fired.
Maria was taken aback for some
seconds, what did she do wrong? She
couldnt remember anything she did that
deserved this from her dad.
‘what did i do wrong?’ she asked,
confused as hell.
Tony took unsteady steps towards her
and she knew instantly that he was
‘you are drunk dad?’
‘well, isnt it obvious?’ he stopped
moving and in a twinkle of an eyes,
kicked the mirror stand and falling to
the ground, the glass shattered.
Maria ran to the door in fright.
‘dad, whats wrong with you this
‘i lost her. I lost her and you must pay
dearly for this!! I dont care if you are my
daughter or anyone, i will just have to
kill you!!’ he said as he bent to pick one
of the pieces of glass scattered on the
Maria opened the door though still
standing there. ‘who left you and how is
it all my fault?’
‘Alice. Alice aborted the pregnancy and
broke up with me all because of you!!’
he was advancing towards her now,
glass still in hand.
Despite her fear, Maria found herself
jumping and screaming in happiness
‘yes!! Yes!! Finally, the trash is out of the
That infuriated Tony more than ever
and the desire to kill Maria, his one and
only daughter was stronger now. He
threw the piece of glass her way and
Maria successfully docked and it landed
on the wall. He picked another and
threw it her way and it went outside.
Maria took several steps backward till
she was out of the room completely.
Then she ran downstairs with Tony
chasing after her, barking like a mad
‘stop there you filthy disgraceful
daughter of mine! I will kill you today. I
must make sure of that, i promise’
‘Rhoda! Rhoda help please!! Help me!!’
Maria screamed in fright as she ran to
the kitchen where she met Rhoda and
quickly his behind her but it seemed
running to the kitchen was a very bad
idea because Tony immediately grabbed
a knife, threatening to kill Rhoda if she
didnt step out of the way now. Rhoda
pleaded telling him to calm down while
Maria cried behind her.
‘sir please calm down, no matter what
she does please dont kill her. She’s your
daughter. Na small pikin she be nau’
‘shut up you fool!!’ Tony said as he
staggered towards them ‘i hate my life.
Happiness is like an enemy to me. My
offsprings seem to be the ones who
doesnt want me happy. If not for that
late b—–d that was supposed to be my
second child, Naomi wouldnt have died
and now Maria wants to take away my
second love from me. Isnt this
outrageous? Well, i dont need your
answer because right here and now,
Maria is gonna drop dead!!’
At this point, Rhoda didnt know if she
should run for her own safety or try as
much as she could to protect Maria. She
feared for her own life and that of Maria
as well. It was obvious Tony wasnt in
his right senses and could kill Maria,
forgetting she was his daughter!!
Maria was a spoilt little brat, yes but that
doesnt mean her father should react
like this.
She was about thinking of protecting
Maria when Tony staggered towards
them. Then and now, she knew she
needed to run for her life.
Not giving Maria a second thought, she
ran out of the kitchen.
Maria whimpered like a child as her
father advanced towards her.
‘you made me lose her. She has left me
and i will have to kill you now!!’.
The knife was already very close to her
stomach when she finaly woke up
screaming and sweating.
It was all a dream!

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