‘you mean those assasins are dead?
How? How on earth did that happen?’
the ASP asked.
‘the supposed detective came. He
wanted to interrogate the assasins as
usual. After spending a few minuted
with them, he left after giving us the
information that one Stella Lawrence
was the one who sent the assasins’ the
ugly policeman replied.
‘and you found them dead? Just like
‘yes sir’
‘how is that even possible? Did you hear
a gunshot?’
‘no sir. I suppose they were poisoned. I
dont know how but i saw an empty
food flask on the floor, i saw rice on the
floor too’
‘Jesus! So who could have given them
the food?’
‘honestly, i dont know. But another
detective came claiming to be the real
detective sent to investigate the
‘another detective? How?’
‘he came minutes after we discovered
their dead bodies. When we doubted
him, he showed us his identity card.
That was when we realised that we
didnt even ask the first man his identity
The ASP banged his fist on the table and
stood up furiously pointing at them ‘do
you know what you’ve just done? This
is Tony Brown’s attempted assasins we
are talking about here! Oh my God,
what do we do now’
‘we are sorry sir,’ the two policemen
‘dont you dare tell me you are sorry, go
to Tony Brown’s mansion and tell that
to him because i dont need it!’ he
hissed ‘what will i tell Tony Brown and
what will i tell my superiors, oh! I’m
‘we are sorry sir’
‘so what have you guys found out about
Stella Lawrence?’
‘we only know she currently resides in
Ghana sir’
‘in Ghana? And who told you that?’
‘the first man who claimed to be the
detective sir’
‘and how are you sure this information
is correct? How can someone from
Ghana send assasins to…..oh my God!’
‘dont talk! You guys are not serious
with this job! What sort of nan chalancy
is this?’
‘we are sorry sir’
‘yes daddy’ Maria replied thinking of a
way to be able to convince her dad that
Alice was a witch.
‘SHUT UP!!’ Tony barked fiercely ‘i’ve had
enough Maria. I’ve heard enough of all
this nonsense. The fact that i’ve been
tolerating your excesses in this house
doesnt mean i’m a fool!’
‘she is a witch dad!’
Tony stood up angrily to where Maria
was and slapped her across her cheek.
Maria winced in pain.
‘let this be the last time you will ever
insult Alice! In her presence or in her
‘but dad…..’
‘i gove you two weeks Maria. Two
weeks to warm up to Alice else…..you
wouldnt like what i wll do to you. I will
show you a part of me you never knew
‘dad….you slapped me all because….all
because of that lady right?’ Maria was
sobbing now and Tony felt bad, no
matter how much anger he felt towards
Maria, he felt bad seeing her cry and the
fact that he was the one actually making
her cry.
He wanted to apologise but he also
didnt want to.
‘Maria, i’m sorry for slapping you. I just
want you to know that Alice has broken
up with me and its all your fault. I want
you to do something for me. To show
that you truly love me and want me to
be happy. I want you to apologise to
Alice for my sake. I want us to get
married. For my sake please set aside
the hatred you have for her please. Just
apologise to her, let her know how
sorry you are and reassure her that you
will be of better behaviour and…..’
‘i’m a christian dad and i dont want to
lie. I dont want to tell her i’m sorry
when i’m not really sorry for anything
and reassure her that i would be of
better behaviour when i will only
become worse. And i’m also glad she
broke up with you’

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