If looks could kill, Alice was sure she
would have dropped dead that instant.
Tony was looking at her, with bloodshot
Gilbert seemed to have noticed that she
was looking past him and when he
turned he saw Tony.
‘wow, look who we have here. Hi mister’
Gilbert said with a light chuckle.
Alice felt tears drop from her eyes. What
a mistake she had made! She wondered
what made her kiss Gilbert back, why
she didnt push him back and land a
heavy slap on his cheek equally
surprised her.
Now Tony, the love of her life was
staring at her with eyes filled with
hatred and betrayal.
Tony took a step closer, his heart
beating. He should have just walked
away but he wanted to ask a question,
then leave and never return. He wasnt
the type to fight over a woman. No
matter how much he loved her, he
never fought or quarelled with
someone over her unless he was sure
the woman only loved him. He had
thought Alice loved him the way he
loved her but with the way she
responded eagerly to Gilbert’s kisses
annoyed him.
‘Alice i…..’ his voice trailed.
‘oh honey,’ Gilbert said wrapping his
hands around Alice’s waist and planting
a soft kiss on her lips quickly, before she
could protest ‘we have a guest. Lets
usher him in and offer him a drink, dont
you think?’
‘let go of me you evil scheming b—–d!’
Alice said pushing him away violently.
Gilbert laughed ‘dont act like that babe.
Remember you dont love him anymore
and moreover he saw the display of
affection between us just now. Isnt that
so Tony?’
‘yes, thats true’ Tony replied, tearing
Alice apart the more.
Alice moved a step away from Gilbert
and a step closer to Tony ‘its not what
you think Tony’
Gilbert drew her back ‘of course its not
what he thinks. You already broke up
with him right? He has no right to be
angry at what he just saw’
Alice raised her hand and slapped him
across the face ‘dont you try say
anything else…..’
‘else what darling? You know, you
played with him long enough. You’ve
double dated long enough. You should
end it now and lets get married’ Gilbert
‘double dated? Whats that supposed to
mean?’ asked a confused Tony.
Gilbert laughed ‘yes thats true. Actually,
Alice was never in love with you. She
was in love with me, just me. She just
wanted to have fun. She played with
you, for your money, actually i was the
main guy. We acted some drama
together in front of you in order to
confuse you and we did suceeded,
didnt we?’ Gilbert said.
Tony shot Alice a painful look, tears
were welling up in his eyes now. He
couldnt believe it. So Alice had been
betraying him since. But he just had one
question to ask.
‘and the baby?’ he asked.
‘the baby isnt yours. Its mine’ Gilbert
replied immediately….

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