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Episode 30

Adarian felt a bitter sensation course through her as she watched how desperation lumbered on Jamal’s eyes. Definitely there was more to why Jamal wanted to know Tamara’s name. Adarian thought. And whatever the reason might be, she was cocksure it wouldn’t be to her own vantage.

“Calm down Jamal. I will tell you, but first you need to tell me why you’re bent on knowing my maid’s name.”

Jamal crimped his hands into a fist. Salty sweat flapped through face, while his heart within throbbed and beat in systole. He jammed his first right fist into his left palm then smirched before saying;

“Adarian, your maid’s voice sounded like my long dead friend.”

“Friend or lover ?”

“Actually friend till we had a one-night stand.”

“What!?” Adarian was surprised. Curiosity bleared out of her face.

“Yes Adarian. You remember I told you someone else already occupied my heart?”

“Yes, tell me more.”

“That’s my long dead lover.”


“The last time we were together was two years ago. We met inside our usual place which was a cave in that town. But before we know it, we were attacked by packs of monsters that called themselves werewolves. They killed her. Or let me say I thought the monsters killed her.” Jamal had started to snivel.

“The town, what is the name of the town you were attacked ?” Adarian asked. His head furrowed beaming folded lines like an angry wraith.

“Laraba town.”

“And what was the name of the your dead lover ?”

“Her name is Tamara.”

On hearing the name, Adarian became clammy. Palpable goosebumps frittered on her glabrous skin. If everything Jamal spewed out was true, then it dawned on her that Jamal could be their great threat. Their arch enemy. Jamal could be the son of Ryan who her mother kidnapped. And also, the boy destined to be the last hope for the Lamiae. That means at the end of the day they were going to kill each other.

Sheesh! Adarian was troubled, and it sheeted through her eyes. But on a second thought, Jamal didn’t look like so brawny enough to be deemed supernatural. She could attest to the fact that Jamal was a weakling soul who posses the mortal body. Nothing about him described him a titan just as the prophesy chanted.

“So are you going to tell me the name of the maid now ?”

“I’m sorry Jamal, my maid is not who you think she is. Her name is Daisy and she has never been to Laraba town before. ”

“Oh really ?”

“Yes. She had only lived up in Namib town before she was sent down to the city where I employed her as my maid.” Adarian smiled awkly. The kind of smile that could only be found on a hungry tigress.

“I guess I was going bonkers all along for thinking she might be Tamara.”

“Yes, your Tamara is long dead and I think is high time for you to accept that Jamal. You can’t meet her again. She is gone. And all you need to do now is accept the few ones who really want you to be their in your lives.”

“Okay.” Jamal said and hugged Adarian.

“Can I get to see Amanda just once more before I leave tomorrow?” Jamal breathed.

Adarian suspired. Now she could tell the reason for Jamal’s rapid affection towards the tot. He was the biological father of Amanda and that was palpable enough even on the tot. Her smile, her sheen-succulent skin coupled with her bluish-lilac eyeballs. These were all the features Jamal had hereditarily passed on her.

Nevertheless, no matter what happened, Adarian vowed never to allow Jamal and her baby, likewise Tamara to meet again. She would do everything needed of her to maintain they lived in different worlds so she could have him all to himself. She loved Jamal. She was not ready to loose him to anything. She had also decided to conceal the possibility of him being a Lamiae. His identity would be conceal as long as he was with her.

“No. Her mother won’t be releasing her.” Adarian replied.

Jamal was disappointed. He had thought of seeing the baby before leaving in the morning. He wanted to carry her and tickle her to give him that smile on her lips. The smile begging him to claim her paternity.

“Alright then. Good night.”

“Good night Jamal.”

The next morning, Adarian woke up early and strutted to the room he kept Jamal to find his absence. Jamal had woken early and had exited the house after he dropped a note on the bed for her. Adarian retrieved the note from the bed and read the the content therein.

“Thanks for saving the day friend. But I’m not sure we’ll get to see each again since staying with Rominicks seems prohibited at the moment. But whichever way, I promise to see you again someday. My greeting to the baby girl; Amanda.”

Adarian dropped the billet and felt slightly depressed. If Jamal wasn’t returning to Rominicks then where was he heading ? Well, since he promised to always see her again, that should be enough consolation.

“I want you to do something for me Tamara. Are you going to do it ?”

Tamara cast a leery look on Adarian. Her soft-spoken request really did well to shroud her wary intention. Adarian was the same age mate with her, but experience had thought her to always quail at her presence. So umpteen times had Adarian threatened to pounce on her and split her into shreds with nobody to request for her cremains. Such situation had always rendered Tamara feeble whenever Adarian was on rumpus.

Mr Bells, the only patron she had amidst the whole of Laraba council had prated to her many times to be patient that it wouldn’t be long before her own ability starts sprouting–and whenever it started, she should be sure she would be the strongest werewolf. So strong enough to contend for her position as the last sentinel of their kind.

“I I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

“Good. You see I don’t want to see you and you child around here so I’m sending you back to Laraba town.”

“Why ?”

“Aren’t you tired of being my maid? Well you are going back to the town to become the secretary to the council. At least that should be preferable to wasting your life down here as a guttersnipe.”

Tamara smirked dryly. She had known Adarian to be a pro in slickness. Even though the feat she was just trying to pull appeared to come forth out of her benignity but Tamara wasn’t still convinced. As scintillating the offer was, Adarian was only the type that would bestow a trifle just to cart away with parcels. Whatever she was doing, Tamara knew it was to her own detriment. But whichever way she wasn’t going to decline her offer.

“I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

“Alright then.” Adarian pranced to where Tamara was standing. “There is something else you will have to do?”

“What’s it?”

“Immediately you get to Laraba, your identity would be change. You’ll no longer bear your name..your new name should be Daisy and not Tamara.”

Tamara was gobsmacked. She wanted to decline the last offer but Adarian blazing eyes prorogued her.

“If you ever tell anyone your real name ?” Adarian trotted to where Amanda was lying and wolfed only her head out. That run multiple shivers down her spine.

“I will snag her into pieces before pouncing on you.” Adarian growled while Tamara nodded like a sheepish pet. She was like a poltroon who walked on the earth crust at the mercy of the Adarian.

Immediately, Tamara had no choice than to cravenly agreed to travel back to Laraba. Truthfully according to Adarian’s words, she was made the secretary in Laraba’s council. More so, Tamara changed her name to Daisy. This was something she did just to keep her distance away from Adarian’s threat.

Nothingness, coming back to Laraba really gave Tamara the time to remember all the people she lost in her life. Every year, Tamara and her daughter had routinized it to always visit the cave she lost Khalid. She would cry, cry and cry before rendering her elegiac-epitaph on how she missed him and how she wished he could see their daughter growing beautiful like them. Tamara vowed not taste any other love from anybody again. She had decided to worship celibacy just to remember him all through her life. That was the best she could do in memory of the love of her life–Khalid Kenz.

Story continues..

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