Episode 12
The flight to PH lasted for one hour. I dozed off as sooon as
the aircraft took off from lagos. It had been quite difficult
getting a place on that flight. I do heard several tales of the
athletic games that passengers on local flight go through but i
had never experience the nightmare until that afternoon. I
arrived at the airport a few minutes to 2.00p.m. That gave me
an hr tym to buy my ticket and get a boarding pass for the PH
flight. But just few minutes to the scheduled time, an
announcement was made that the flight would be an hour late.
And because it was just a short delay, i decided against home
and chose to spend that time in the airport departure lounge.
Surprisindly however, at about the time the delayed flight was
supposed to leave, another announcement was made. The
flight would be delayed for another hour still. What could i have
I remained in d airport department lounge, gradually getting
hungry and bored too. But the real agony was yet to begin, at
every one hour interval for the next three hours similar
apologies were made, by the time the flight took off five hours
later, my patience had been stretched to its limit. I was totally
exhausted and disappointed. So i knew i was nt going to meet
the wedding, as if that wasnt bad enough, we had to struggle
like commuters at a crowded bus stop when the time finally
came, i slept off as soon as the plane was airborne and only
came awake when the prelanding announcement was made.
PH was a beauty to behold. It was the first tym travelling there
by air. The last time i did was several years ago when i was
selected as one pupils to visit the garden cisty, PH, on an
excursion programme. I was in secondary school then, and had
found that trip quite interesting. I didnt see too many gardens
alright but i was so impressed by the cleanliness, beauty and
orderliness of the city that i was reluctant to return to lagos at
the end of the two day visit,
We had a smooth landing and within minutes, i was in an
airport taxi, speeding to the hotel presidential. I had never been
to the hotel before but i knew it was supposed to be one of
the best that PH could offer, i guess. It turned out to be a
shadow of its fine stattistics, the building impressive, the land
acreage and facilities better than most hotels i ve seen
abroad. But the rooms smelt state, the pool looked untreated
and i was almost sure that call gals operated there.
Mike lived up to his promise, a suite had already been booked
in my name. I completed checking in formalities and took the
elevator to my suite. It almost B.00p. I switch on my fone and
got two message. The first one says
*** i hope dis night will get us along, especially u knowing me,
pls dont break my heart wen u find out who i am. C u at d
party, dont bother to call back*
Second text
*** where ar u, ve been waiting for u my love, i hope ur
parents told u i will be waiting for u here @ mike wedding, pls
dont fail me. And just know u ar mine tonight***
am sure dat these ar two different gals cos d message was
sent with diffent numba, gosh dey shud have aleast add der
name, well will soon stop dis hide and seek game, i assured

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