‘just leave please,’ she was crying now
‘just go please. I need to be alone’ she
said and slammed the door on his face.
Tears were streaming down his eyes as
he drove to nowhere in particular. He
tried to be a man and not shed a tear
but it was so painful. He was more hurt
than he felt when he caught Stella in
bed with another man. He never
realised he loved Alice this much until
He really wanted to go back, go on his
knees and beg Alice to come back to
him but it was too late.
To think she was just with him for his
money. Perhaps Maria was right for
hating her. Oh! Maria. How was he
going to explain these things to her
To also think that he almost choose
another woman over his own precious
daughter who wanted nothing but
protect him. Perhaps her instincts had
told her from the very first time she set
her eyes on Alice that she was a harlot
who only moved around with men for
what they have.
He should have listened to Maria. The
little girl only wanted to protect him and
there he was hating her for nothing!
Now he has learned his lesson. Never in
his life would he choose anyone and he
meant anybody over his precious
daughter for she was the only one that
truly loved him sincerely.
He remembered how badly he had
treated Maria for nothing! Denied her
heart desires, physically and emotionally
molested her, he felt guilty, very guilty.
The first thing he was going to do once
he got to work on monday was get his
secretary type Alice’s sack later. Yes,
enough was enough. Alice had done
alot, cause bad blood between father
and daughter.
He was regretting it now, how was he
going to apologise to Maria now? How
was he gonna get his loving daughter
back? Could they ever go back to
before? When they had the best of
relationships? Could they? Could Maria
ever forgive him? He wished and
The first thing he was going to do once
he got home was apologise to Maria
and take her out for shopping or
whatever that would make her happy.
He remembered Maria loved chocolates
very well so he branched the nearest
supermarket to get her some. He was
going to make sure he got his daughter
No matter what!
Alice has caused enought damage to his
heart and to his relationship with his

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