On wednesday around 3pm, I received a call from suzzie, that she was on her way to lagos from ghana and she was almost in lagos……………… I quickly controlled the manager of shamal

hotel @victoria island, the hotel was the best hotel in lagos at that time, I booked for an executive room, in which he had made for me……………..around 6:30pm she called me to come

to pick her up, I was in the office signing some important documents, I finished up the signing and took my leave to where suzzie was, I picked her up and I took her to the hotel, we were so happy to meet again, immediately we got into the room, we never relax before I started squeezing her boobs from behind, before we could notice it we started the match and the stadium began to suffered from the strong game we played on it……………..after 3rounds of sex, we went to the

bathroom to take our shower together, and during the bathing we had another fresh doggy style which lasted for about 10minutes……..I later ordered for salad and fried rice for her

dinner, she was surprised I asked for a plate and she busted out

Suzzie: baby are you not eating?????

Me: if I eat now, I won’t be able to eat again when I get home, and that would be so suspicious to my wife

Suzzie: don’t tell me you are going home
Me: I must go home, because I didn’t tell my wife I won’t come back today

Suzzie: haaaaaa then why did you call for me when you know you have not done the preparation, you should have done that already

Me: I’m sorry for that, please forgive me, you too know what I’m battling with.

Suzzie: don’t take that as an excuse
……………..you should have

done that when you were at home….
even using the problem as

an excuse from her
Me: how????
Suzzie: you can tell her, you need to find out how things are going at your other companies so that you can know whether to do the same thing to them all once and for all

Me: hhhhmmmmmnnnn that is the logic have been cracking my brain for all since…….thanks for the idea, let me do that

this night, and I promise you the rest of your days in lagos would be spent together with me days and nights……….

Suzzie: better, if not, I will be going back to my place….

Me: lol, stop joking around jur, going where????? Without my prick’s approval?????

Suzzie: wetin concern me and your prick together????
Me: you forgot sey na my prick brought you all the way from ghana to lag????

Suzzie: no be your prick ooooooooo, na the money…..
Me: ok if na the money, then bring me my check book over there (pointing to where my briefcase rested) and have your money then go

Suzzie: lol, I know you won’t dear me, you play too mush sha,

Me: are you sure???????? Not my prick???????(Loosing the zip of my trouser again, brought out the erected dick and tapping the cap of the dick) you mean you don’t want this??????

Suzzie: (stood on her feet, walking in slow motion seductively to where I stood, grabbed my dick) are you talking of this drum stick??????? Let me see if it worth more than the money, is it precious than the money??????
Me: I want you to judge that yourself…..
Suzzie: let me have a mouth taste then (she bent on her kneel, she face me, sucking my erected dick and playing with it with her two hands……….

I was fully enjoying it, and the pleasures made me forgot about what the time was, I was just moaning and busy fucking her mouth hole in oral sex style, I held her Brazilian hair do, making her mouth movement more faster and when I was about to cum, I didn’t wanted to cum inside her mouth, but she refused to pull out her mouth and before I could notice it, I have already released a gallon of fluid inside her mouth, I expected her to hurriedly spit the semen out of her mouth, but the baddest girl proved me wrong, she instead played bubbles with it and later swallowed it all………..I was so surprised and I

helped her arise from her kneel through her massive killer bosom, I grabbed them and used them to brought her up to the level of my standing, we started kissing and I was sucking along with her cleavages………..she started shouting…….

“Ooohhhh baby, ” ” you gotta have me right now”
“Please digg in that giant stick inside me right now……”
“oooooohhhh” plleeeeeaaassseeeeeee

I hurried push her to bed and raised up her both legs spread apart revealing the holy holes of a baby pathway to earth……………I was almost inserted my dick into her wide

opened clit while I heard my phone’s alert, though I have placed my phone’s profile into silent mode but I have forgotten that I have customized the silent profile on my phone to excluded message alert from silence…….immediately the alert

got into my phone, I made attempt to withdraw the dick from the entrance of her clit but before I could do so, she grabbed my penis in haste and inserted it herself, I felt the pleasure instantly and I couldn’t resist the match, she also let out a faint sound of pleasure, I continued jacking in and out mercilessly as if I was given time to dig a 70mm borehole well……………by the time I wanted to switch into a booty fuck

style (Doggy style), another text came in to my phone and I quickly looked around the room to assess the wall clock……….because I surely known the messages was from

amoke after she must have tried to reach me on calls, I looked around still banging her from behind while she was still busy screaming and moaning, I found no clock and I began to scare what the time might be at that time……………..after the several gallivant made inside her hole before I could release, another

text came in and my prick got shrunk instantly………….I quickly pull it out of her clit and I took my wrist watch to assess the time,

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