Maria had been battling with her
conscience after last night’s episode
with her father. She was confused now,
she wasnt even sure she was doing the
right thing. She wanted her father to be
happy but she didnt want to believe
that only a woman can give him the
happiness he deserves because of thats
it, then he would never be happy.
Yes, even if heaven falls, she would
never accept Alice or any other
goddamn woman from hell. She wanted
to be the only female in her father’s life.
She wanted her father to look up to her
for everything not some other woman.
She wanted her father to derive
happiness from her, only her and no
one else and it hurt her when her father
had said last night, that only she cant
give him the complete happiness he
How pathetic! He has to live with
sorrow then because over her dead
body would she allow him date
someone else never!
Before Alice could say something else,
Tony turned to leave. He wanted to leave
before he cries before a woman who
doesnt care for him or love him one bit.
Alice wanted to run after him but for no
just reason, she refused to move an
inch. Gilbert was standing there with an
evil smirk on his face. With what just
happened, he doubted Tony would ever
forgive Alice.
Because what just happened was self
explanatory, Tony had caught them
kissing and good thing she responded
intimately to it.
And then all the lies he told, she wasnt
fast enough in denying them, there was
no way, no way in the world Tony was
even going to give her a listening ear
not to talk of forgiving her. He was
happy now. Yes! It might take years but
true love will always win.
‘you’ve succeded,’ Alice said in a teary
voice ‘please leave now before i do
something we will both regret. You’ve
succeeded in lying to Tony. Making it
look like i’m a bad person. Like i’m a
w—e, a double dating b—h!’
‘if he truly loves you, then he wont want
to think of you as such’ Gilbert said.

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