the school bus started moving, everybody was damn happy, we moved some meters away from the school premises, thats when the real story began, james started forming, is he talking to me? no ooooo
james: benita, you know this excursion its like that of the time when i was travelling to dubai for the first time, i was anxious
*** look at this crazy dude, oh sorry enemy, forming, that’s why i hate him***
benita: wow…..
they talked for some,temmy never looked me in the eye talkless of talking to me, but i hope everything is going to be alright, i hope she finally realise that i have feeling for her, but wait oo, did i even let her know what i feel for her? hell no!!
thirty minutes later, we reached ifon osun, thank God, we are getting close to osogbo, james started playing music video on his tecno s9, i started thinking, and my emotional sides started battling with each other, one is saying “tolu, dont dull yourself, just play some music videos on your ipad, the other side telled me not to do so, because i need to know who loves me for who i am, and who likes me for my money, well i agreed with the second thought, i need to find out if temmy love me………
after what seems like months, though its just two hours journey, we reached erin ijesha water fall, the place is indeed a tourism avenue, families, parents playing with their offspring, and for the first time in my life, i felt neglected, my parent, they believe in money, they dont even have time for their children, its been two weeks since i last saw my dad, and my brother? its been years..
mr badmus told us to change to play dress, i sat at one corner observing everything thats going, some of my schoolmates are climbing hills around the water fall, i heard mr badmus telling them to stop doing that, they can fall off, i was just looking at everybody enjoying their lives, i did’nt even participate in any activity, then james splashed water on my face, i love it though, i love swimming,
me: james, are you mad? why did you splash water on me?
he gave no response to me, though i was furious, i got to where he is and i gave him a very hot slap on his cheek…………
james: are you crazy?
me: am not, you are the crazy one here
***we were about to exchange punches, we heard someone talked to us***
mr badmus: stop that, whats happening here?
james and i: nothing sir
mr badmus: if you know whats good for you two, just mind what you are both here for, and stop fighting ****he left****
james: you will pay for this, i swear **he gave me a devilish look before leaving**
i sat, then i saw temmy smiling at me, i stood up, i got to where she is, gosh!!!!!!! its not temmy, its benita
me: sorry
benita: **i was about to leave** wait, aren’t you here for me? (seductively)
she gave me a hot kiss on my lips and i also return it with a very hot ……………..guess now, well i returned it with a very hot slap
benita: *holding her cheek* tolu, you will surely pay for this!!!!!

jesus, james and benita, you will surely pay for this, what do i do now? i better watch my back, i sat on a log of wood beside the pool, the someone pushed me in avery hard way, i fell into the swimming pool……………………

watch out for episode 18
who pushed me into the pool, is james? or benita?

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