Episode 7
Within 24hours, I have got all tools I need to slaughter stubborn Monica. Eve though, i wanted to Use my stick to beat her drum, yet there is a saying: “a wise man never knows all. Only fools know everything. A fool tests the depth of a river with both feet”. In order not to act like a fool, I took doctor logo flusher and wait for the reactions. No much reaction except the little purge.
***Three days later****
I felt better but, the need to lure Monica into my den is another thing I have to get over. I am still a little bit curious about my predicament, because I never knew what could be the outcome of my erection problem. And she has kept me estrangement since our last encounter. I don’t know if she is doing that intentionally. Then, I came up with a little false idea and draft a message to play the game. And send it to Monica. ****A son who wishes his mother will not rest. Himself will never sleep like a log****
****drafting the message on whatsapp:*****
I never thought to have this type of messages from you. Even though, i bleeped up with the reason unknown last time. will that result in this manner…?? I really don’t have to reply your message, but I was also contemplating and busy of making a lighthouse with my bottle and finding a better day to say what might likely cause the incident. In contrary, you went all the way to create a ship with your message, isn’t so odd?
Despite the fact that I can’t replay the whole event in a more pleasant manner, I do apologies. As for you, you called me Chickeny in your Msg, at that point I felt like one though. Yet it was unfair statement. I chose to forgive you though, but at a price. You don’t owe me any explanation of what went wrong again; that’s way so cheap. What you owe me is now in the past. And also to let you know that, friendship is a problem solving. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems are the day you have stopped leading them. They might have either lost the confidence that you can’t help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is the failure of friendship… Wishing you the best in you endeavor. Thanks!
****press send button and after seconds, message shown mark arrows indicate sent and delivered****

I switch off the data of my phone to stay away from her chatting. So, the message I sent will be able to have a great difficult question to solve for her.

Like a tally’s man of India. She started giving me a call after 10 minutes the message i sent delivered. I stood against picking her call cause that will be a game leading to a failure. When her calls reached almost 10 missed calls. I decided to put my phone on silent and keep it somewhere. 2hours later when I checked my phone, I saw 31 missed calls. As I open the missed calls. I saw 6 missed calls from uncle john and 15 missed calls from Monica.
Oooph! What could be happening?
For Monica missed, I knew it is a game well play. But for my uncle, I don’t know what might have happened why will he be calling me? Hope mummy might have not burst my secret to him. i then decided to return his call:

****After his phone ringing for just 5 seconds*****
Me: hello uncle….

Uncle: Jerry, what is it I am hearing about you?

Me: what sir?

Uncle: you impregnated a woman and you said it is not yours abi?

Me: it is not what you are thinking sir.

uncle: so mummy can’t control you again? For your mind you have becoming a grown man abi?

Me: no sir.

Uncle: if not because of the promise I made. I would have decided to let you continue to pay your school fees yourself henceforth.

Me: don’t do that sir.

Uncle: I shouldn’t do that right…?

Me: yes

uncle: OK! Let come to term. You can either come and stay here with me in abuja whenever you in holiday. Or you occupy a room at your school there. What you intend to do between the two?

Me; but why sir?

Uncle: she said you didn’t listen to her words and you can’t continue to trouble her. Remember she is your stepmother. Whatever the right you deserve she will be sending it to you. And I will be giving you money for your school fees. Are coming down to abj or you will stay in school for period so that i made a move for you.

Me: ***felt depress*** the later will be better for now.

Uncle: meaning, you can’t stay with me also?

Me: no Sir. I want to face my education for now ni sir.

Uncle: it in your life, live it the way you like but remember that you can’t eat your cake and have it. So, when are you going back to school?

Me: next week Sir…

Uncle: I will try to send money to you for your school fees and accommodation then.

Me: thanks sir.

Uncle: just be careful…..

Me: OK sir.

*** The phone drop from connection****
At that particular time, i have a mixed reaction. First is the fact that money is coming soon, second: is the issue uncle brought up.
then, I saw a message from Monica which goes thus:
*****Jerry, can you pick my call… Pls. I swear, I didn’t send any message on your phone****
As I on the data of my phone too… Difference message came in immediately from Monica, like;

I don’t know who sent mssg,

Can we see pls?

Why don’t you pick my calls?

Are you there??

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