(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 34
The poisoned wine was just at the tip of Tochi’s lips when her phone vibrated which prevented her from drinking it, then she kept the drink on the centre table and went outside to pick the call.
At the same time, Linda’s phone rang, she looked at Vivian and gave her a smile. “One second” she said and also kept her wine closed to Tochi’s on the same table before going out too.
“Wisdom” Tochi called on the phone outside. “You don’t sound happy, are you okay?” she asked.
“I don’t know how I’m feeling” Wisdom replied. “Where are you by the way?” he asked.
“At a party, the one i told you about”
“The one with Vivian?”
“Okay..” he paused. “But i hope you are okay” he added.
“I’m fine”
“Alright, be careful”
“I will” the line went dead then Tochi turned to Linda who was operating her phone angrily.
“Madam, what is it again?” she asked her.
“Is not a stupid wrong number that called me. I was even thinking that it was Kingsley!” Linda replied angrily.
“Sorry for that, let’s go back inside”
Linda hissed and followed her back into the sittingroom. Now, due to their glass cup were closed to one another and had the same quantity of wine, they couldn’t adentify their wine anymore. So Linda took Tochi’s wine while Tochi took Linda’s. Even Vivian was confused because she couldn’t recognise the exact glass cup of Tochi, so she stared at them breathing heavily. When Tochi drank her wine, she turned to her and said, “You look scared. Is anything the matter?”
“No” she replied.
“Wisdom called” Tochi drank another quantity of wine.
“Yes, though he sounded strange. I couldn’t just understand what was wrong with him”
“Maybe he’s missing you” Vivian replied and they giggled looking at Linda who concentrated on her phone with the drink in another hand. She had not taken it and people who shouted as they were dancing distracted her the more. So she glanced at the very boy who shook his waist closely to another girl and smiled. The girl sometimes felt boy’s dick on her butt as they were dancing. Even Tochi, who Vivian was expecting to fall at any time vomiting blood and eventually die couldn’t stop smiling as she watched the dancers. She also shook her waist gently to the music. “I concur.. My head too big i concur..” she sang and shook her waist.
Linda got tired of the phone, so she flung it on the table and joined Tochi and Vivian. She wanted to drink the wine but a voice shouted from the door, “Linda, don’t drink it!”. Then she turned sharply to the voice just to see Kingsley breathing heavily. His loud voice distracted all the people even the DJ who stopped the music instantly.
“Don’t drink the wine” Kingsley said again and came down as everybody stared at him.
“Kingsley?” Linda called and glanced at the wine. “What is the problem?” she asked.
“Yes, why are you interrupting the party?” Tochi supported.
“Kingsley, what?” Vivian added.
Without responding to their questions, Kingsley took the drink from Linda and kept it on the table. “I think the drink is poisoned!” he said and people shouted.
“What?!” Linda exclaimed.
“What are you talking about?” Vivian approached forward in fear.
“I said, i think the drink is poisoned”
“By who?”
“Who else except you?” Kingsley replied boldly with Linda in his arms.
Tochi remained speechless staring at Vivian.
Meanwhile, some people had started vomited believing that they also drank the poison.
“Vivian is it true?” Tochi asked but she kept quiet.
Without wasting time, Linda angrily disengaged herself from Kingsley. She picked up the drink from the table and stretched it to Vivian. “Drink it!” she commanded with her eyes burning in anger as everybody watched her in silence. “I said drink it if you know you didn’t poison it!” she shouted again but Vivian kept quiet with her head down. Then Linda smiled bitterly looking at the wine. She raised her face and gave Vivian a hot slap trying to force the drink into her mouth but Tochi and Kingsley held her back.
“Leave me alone!” she shouted struggling to disengaged herself from them. “She must drink this wine or confess that she poisoned it oh!” she added.
“Yes, she must!!” the people shouted.
Meanwhile, Vivian was already in tears and covered with shame without saying a word.
“She’s not talking oh. Give me the wine!” Linda moved forward again before she said, “Wait, i will confess!”
“We are listening!” Linda replied with her hand on her waist positioning the drink ready to force it into her mouth at any time.
“The poisoned drink was actually meant for Tochi” Vivian began then everybody shouted and Tochi adjusted away from her to Kingsley. “She suppose to be dead by now but i think the drink was mixed up with Linda’s that’s why she isn’t dead by now”
“Jesus!” the people shouted and Tochi held her chest.
Vivian continued, “So, i think the poisoned drink is this particular one with Linda..”

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