‘Rhoda,i want you to prepare a special
meal for dinner tonight’ Maria said as
she handed her schoolbag to Rhoda.
‘okay’ Rhoda replied.
Maria smiled ‘i have something for you
Rhoda, come on, lets go to my room’
Maria and Rhoda went into the room.
Maria opened her wardrobe qnd
brought out a shopping bag and gave it
to Rhoda.
‘thank you Maria’ Rhoda said, all smiles.
‘you are welcome. Its just a little token
for taking good care of me all this
while,’ she hugged her ‘i love you
Rhoda. You are like a sister i never had’
Rhoda smiled and left.
Maria was a good girl, she knew that.
Just that sometimes, some nuts get
loose in her head. Some times, she
would be so selfish and annoying she
would feel like strangling her to death.
But Maria was nice really, for a spoilt
brat like her
With tears in her eyes, Alice alighted
from the bike, paid the bikeman
without bothering for her change. She
got to the front of Gilbert’s apartment,
then stopped. After a few seconds, she
knocked heavily on the door as if she
wanted to bring it down.
A young girl, dressed in a school
uniform, Maria’s school, opened the
door. She would have that Gilbert dated
small girls as well if the girl didnt bear a
The girl had a frown on her face. ‘who
are you?’ she asked in a not-too polite
manner, maybe still angry with the way
Alice knocked.
‘i’m looking for…..’ she wanted to say
that b—–d but she changed her mind
The girl eyed her maliciously and Alice
wondered what was wrong with
children of nowadays, no respect in
their generation anymore.
‘who are you to him?’ she asked.
‘hey hey, dont ask me that. Just go and
call him, whoever he may be to you’
Alice replied angrily.
‘and who are you to talk to me like that
eh? I see you are jobless, first you
wanted to bring down this door and
now you think you can order me
around? Hahahaha, you lie’ Abby
snapped and hissed.
Alice eyed the girl and just hissed. God
knows one more word from the girl
might end her in the hospital, she was
going to make sure of that. It seems like
she should just go back to her crazy self.
If only she had been crazy like before,
Maria would not have been able to
count how many times she had ended
up in the hospital, coupled with the fact
that she loved Maria……and of course
‘just call Gilbert for me’ she said.
The girl hissed ‘oya wait. Let me call him
for you’ as the girl closed the door, she
thought she heard the girl mutter
Alice ignored her. But heaven and hell
knew that she will end it all today. Its
either she dies or Gilbert dies, one must
happen today. She touched her stomach
and prayed the baby remained safe, for
the action that was going to happen.
She opened her purse, and looked at
the 9mm there and smiled inwardly,
though she still had tears….

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