‘wow, wow, wow’ Gilbert said on
opening the door. Smiling like a dog
‘look who we have here’
Alice opened her purse and brought out
the gun. If Gilbert was shocked or not,
he didnt show it. He just raised his
hands and moved back slowly till he
was inside the house and Alice went in,
shutting the door behind her.
‘my God!’ Abby exclaimed on seeing the
‘calm down Abby and just go inside’
Gilbert said without taking his eyes off
Alice for a moment.
Abby ran inside.
‘Alice, what do you want?’ Gilbert asked.
‘you head’ Alice replied coldly.
Gilbert laughed, his hands still up ‘i’m
sorry. Thats quite impossible’
‘i’m going to kill you Gilbert! I must! I
must. I’ve heard enough and if care is
not taken, i’m gonna kill you little
girlfriend as well’
‘my girlfriend?’ Gilbert was confused
‘you mean Amy?’
‘oh sharrap! You squeaky little rabbit.
Dont play dumb with me. I mean the
one in your bedroom undressing for a
nice hot session,’ she laughed bitterly
‘Amy tells me you are good in bed. How
true is that you b—–d?’
‘first things first, Abby is not my
girlfriend. She is my niece. And secondly,
do you want to go to bed with me? I
might be better than Tony, you know.
Money cant buy all things’ Gilbert said
and laughed again.
‘i love Tony, Gilbert’
‘why are you telling me that? Do i care?’
‘and i just lost him. Because of you’
‘well thats not my fault because he
doesnt love you the way i love you’
Gilbert brought his hands down ‘please
Alice, why cant you listen to me? I love
you. I love you more than anyone loved
you, loves you and will ever love you’
‘shut up’
‘you are my life Alice. The love i have for
you is evergreen. Havent you noticed
that most times i just walk away and
stay away for sometime? Do you think i
like what i’m doing right now? Do you
think i like the fact that i’m ruining your
happiness? Most times, i try to let you
live your life but its very impossible
because i just cant live without you.
After Benjamin’s death, i stayed away
for six years. I almost died because i
couldnt get you out of my head. I left
because i wanted you to be happy.
Wanted you to live your life and marry a
better man but hell, thoughts of you
never disappeared. I left again. For two
months, in order to forget you but no.
Alice, have you ever been involved in a
one-sided love? How would you feel if
your Tony wasnt in love with you but
with someone else huh?’
Alice couldnt say anything but she was
thinking, if Tony didnt love her but loved
someone else, what would she do? How
would she feel? She lowered the gun.
‘will you be able to live without Tony?’
‘no’ she answered.
‘thats how i cant live without you’

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