(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 36
Mr Luster came back with a group of policemen leaving everything he was doing when the wife informed him about Vivian’s recent action.
“Where is she!” he shouted and adjusted his agbada as he walked angrily into the house with the policemen. When Vivian, saw them she hid behind her mum crying.
“Mummy, please, don’t allow them to take me!” she cried but the father grabbed her angrily, he kicked her with his leg to the policemen who dragged her outside into their vehicle.
“I can’t believe i am the father of this child!” Mr Luster turned to his wife.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Better go and look for the father because i can’t father a murderer. Or are you a murderer?”
“No oh”
“Then who are her parents?”
“Both of us, of course”
“You are a liar! Let me go and come back then you tell me where she came out from!” the husband concluded and went out to see the policemen still waiting with Vivian inside the vehicle crying.
“What are you people still waiting for?! Take her away and make sure you torture her like a murderer before you lock her up!”
“Yes sir!” a policeman responded and entered the car then drove away.
At the same time, Mr Luster drove to Winners International Secondary schools. He adjusted his agbada again angrily when he came down from his car walking briskly into the office. When Mr Anuma saw how angry he was looking from his office, he was forced to also go into the office.
“I want to see these students or their parents” Mr Luster told the principal and brought out a piece of paper.
Mr Anuma entered.
“Mr Luster, what’s going on?” the principal asked then he looked up.
“Can you believe that my daughter, Vivian wanted to poison one of your students?” he replied.
“My Goodness!”
“Oh Lala” Mr Anuma added.
“Which of my students?” the principal asked.
“My wife made mention of Linda, Tochi according to what Vivian told her. But she was targeting to kill Tochi because of a boy!”
“My goodness!”
“This is serious!” Mr Anuma added again.
Kingsley, Tochi and Linda were summoned in the principal’s office few minutes ago still with Mr Luster sitting angrily on the chair. They narrated what happened from the beginning to the end and everywhere became quiet.
“You see?” Mr Luster broke the silence pointing at them but looking at the principal. “All these nonsense is because of boyfriend and girlfriend. That’s why my daughter wanted to take the life of an innocent soul. Do you know what it means to take the life of another person?! I must make sure she suffers in the police station then the mother will explain to me where she got her from!” he turned to the students. “Please, i kindly apologize for everything. Never you ever associate with her again. She’s evil! Please accept my apology”
“Okay, sir” they replied then Mr Luster went out angrily.
Mr Anuma understood very well what had been going on between Tochi and Wisdom but remained speechless for the very first time.
“I don’t blame you, is not your fault but the fault of being too handsome” he concluded and went out. Of course Tochi knew he was talking about Wisdom.
The principal looked at them and said, “You have to be careful. Now remember you will be defending your results in a month’s time. Understood?!”
“Yes, sir”
“Now go and start preparing for it”
They went out.
As others were on their way to defend their results, Mr and Mrs Luster were in their sittingroom watching CNN news silently. The wife occasionally glanced at him not knowing how to bring up the topic of their daughter who was still in the police station barely fed.
“Honey, do you know that today is when Vivian suppose to defend her result?” she asked with a low voice looking at him.
“Yes? I know. Or have you forgotten that i work in waec office?”
“Don’t you think is time to bring her out of the station?”
“For what to happen?”
“So that she can join others”
“No, she’s not going anywhere again”
“Okay, at least bring her out. She must have learnt her lessons”
“Stop disturbing me, woman! She has to suffer there” he concluded.
Wisdom, Chester and Maria were given a break to come back to Nigeria. Then Esther and Tochi couldn’t wait to see them once again.
On the other hand, Melody and Calista’s relationships moved smoothly with Edwin and James respectively, even though they were having sex occasionally.
Only Jennifer was still without a boyfriend but had casual male friends. She wasn’t much concern about it anymore and concentrated on her studies believing that one day the right man will come her way.
Few days later after Tochi defended her result. She was in the kitchen alone blowing air into a smoking firewood in order to produce fire. She wore a short skirt and a white top. As she bent down blowing the air, she head a male voice from the door, then she gently turned. “Wisdom!” she shouted and hugged him very tight, then Wisdom reciprocated smiling…

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