28 Salvation Road Episode 11
Noel came in with some foodstuffs and we all rejoiced , even Chuks was dancing , he is already getting into the system , I asked Noel how he got the money for the foodstuffs and he said landlord101 , Femi and I laughed out hard while Chuks looked at us with a curious look, I didn ’ t bother explaining what landlord101 meant . One thing about my friends is that even though they are all crazy in their Own way , we got each Others back, we are more than friends , we like family , Noel the cook cooked Jollof rice that night and we all happily ate . The next day was sunday and Chuks pressured me into going to church , can ’ t remember the last time I was in church , surprisingly noel of all people went with us. I tried calling funmi ’ s number when we came back but it was switched off , she have been acting strangely these days , anytime I call her , she either does not pick or she picks and look for an excuse to end the call abruptly , I need to talk to her and find out what ’ s up with her ….
When noel came in with those foodstuff, the parlor came alive , it was like everybody were thinking of how to spend their last cash and then starve till only God knows when , Mekus later asked him how he got the money for the foodstuffs and he said something about landlord101 , I was confused but nobody tried to explain anything , I was not bothered though , I was just happy for the foodstuff , the little money I saved up during my youth service was diminishing at an alarming rate and still no word from all the companies I applied to for work, I made up my mind to attend church the next day and commit everything in God ’ s able hand , I practically dragged my cousin with me , Noel also went with us but Femi refused to get up from the bed, after the mass , we all went to the blessed sacrament , I committed everything into the hands of the almighty, Noel spent more time in the blessed sacrament than us….
After cooking dinner for the house , I started checking the scores of the matches I placed my bets on , three of the games had already gone as I hoped, two more to go and those two happen to be sunday games. In a very long time, I knelt down and prayed to God to please let my dreams come through , while praying it occurred to me that I had not been going to church, I made up my mind there and then to go to church the next day but I didn ’ t know which church to attend , am a born catholic but I can ’ t remember the last time I entered a church, so when I heard Chuks waking Mekus to get ready for mass , I quickly got up , took my bath and got dressed for church , I could read the surprise on Mekus ’ s face when he saw me all dressed up , they tried to wake Femi to join us but the dude refused to get up from the bed, we left him and headed for church . After the mass , Chuks suggested we go to the blessed sacrament to say some personal prayers, when we got in, I brought out my ticket and begged God to please make me one hundred thousand naira richer that day, when I came out, I noticed the rest were already out waiting for me …. .

I heard when the guys were waking me up for church and shit ! It sounded strange to me , when last did anybody tell me to go to church ? In fact , when have we ever gone to church ? I was too tired to get up so I pretended like I didn ’ t hear them . After they had left, I got up and did some clean up before checking my mails , nothing still, I decided to go prepare breakfast , I boiled yam and fried eggs , I was dishing some for myself when I heard the gate open and some female voices, damn ! This whores are back, even though I loved fucking, I am never a fan of paid sex , if anybody must pay , then the girls should be the ones doing the payment because I give it to them real good , I went to the sitting room and gently began to devour my meal ….
We came back from Church and thank God, Femi decided to make himself useful by cooking breakfast , I quickly ate my meal and began following the live update of the last game I placed my bet on, at half time the team I placed my bet on was loosing two nill , I nearly fainted , Femi was teasing me telling me to quit sports bet and concentrate on yahoo , I gave up checking the scores but something told me to wait till the end of the game before tearing the ticket , I kept the ticket in my wallet before falling asleep on one of the couch in the parlor. I woke up around past six and immediately decided to check the scores of the match , lo and behold, the game ended three – two in favor of the team I placed my bet on , I didn ’ t know when I shouted , GUYS , WETIN UNA WAN DRINK , I DON HAMMER…

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