‘believe me Alice, i love you. If i am a
monster today, its because of the kind
of love i have for you’ Gilbert said and
before Alice could blink, he was on his
knees and that was when Alice noticed
the tears in his eyes.
‘Gilbert, what…..’
He grabbed her legs and she started
hearing sobs from him. Mehn! This guy
was crying? Like seriously.
‘Alice, please accept me. I swear i can
make you happy more than any other
man in this world would. I may not be
as rich as Tony Brown but i know
‘stop it Gilbert, stop it!’ Alice cut in
angrily ‘what are you trying to say? That
i dated Tony for his money? Huh?? Is
that what you are trying to say?’
Gilbert raised his tear stained face. ‘i’m
so sorry. I didnt mean it that way. I
never said you dated him because of his
money but hey, i love you more and if
only you could give me just half of the
love you have for him. I will make you
the happiest woman on earth’
Alice hissed. Though she felt sorry for
him but that was not the reason she
was here. She came to end everything
once and for all. Tell him, she doesnt
love him and make him stay away. But
on a second note. She remembered she
had told him that a million times and
that hasnt made him stay away.
‘Gilbert,’ she pushed him away and sat
on a sofa ‘i will say this again. I dont
love you. I. DONT. LOVE. YOU. I really dont
want to say this again. Let me be. You
will find a woman who would love you
for who you are. You are not getting
any younger Gilbert so stop chasing
shadows. I beg of you please,’ she stood
up ‘really. I came to shoot you. Yes i
wanted to kill you so badly i stole my
late father’s gun. I wanted to shoot you
and shoot my self but your emotional
display saved you’ she tucked the gun in
her jeans ‘and saved me too’
She walked to the door, determined to
leave but seeing Gilbert in that
condition, she couldnt. She felt sorry for
him and she kinda understood his
plight. How it would pain her if
someone she loves loves another. But
she couldnt bring herself to love him.
She was in love with Tony. Tony and no
one else.
She hoped he got the message when
she told him he didnt love her. She
wanted to hope his episode was over.
She really hoped so. Now, more than
ever she wanted to see Tony. Explain
everything and make up with him.
She wanted to know that Gilbert was
out of the way. So she could
concentrate more on Maria. Though she
knew Maria was going to be a hard nut
to crack. But she was determined to try.
She realised the mistake she made two
weeks when she broke up with Tony.
She wanted to do it for him and his
daughter. She thought it was an act of
bravery and that God would reward her
for saving a father and daughter
relationship but now she knew she was
She couldnt fight for their love. She
couldnt stand the war. She left him
shattered and she knew it. She realised
she was only thinking of herself, not
thinking about how he would feel.
‘Gilbert,’ she called softly still standing at
the door ‘i’m sorry if i’ve hurt you one
way or the other but i dont love you. I
hope you can understand that. We can
be best of friends but no strains
attached please. My heart belongs to
Tony and him alone. Please try to
‘ but his daughter doesnt like you. She
hates you’ Gilbert said.
She wanted to ask him how he knew
that but she just shrugged.
‘its doesnt matter because i love her as
my daughter. I want nothing but to
become a mother to her. Its okay if she
doesnt like me. I cant force her. I cant
force anyone to like me because if they
ever like me, it wont be from the depth
of their hearts. Unlike you Gilbert’ She
turned and opened the door.
And then she froze. Maria was standing
there and obviously listening to their
‘do you love my dad?’ Maria asked softly
and for a moment Alice felt like she was
going to accept her….. But she was

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