‘what?’ Maria asked frightened ‘then
what the hell am i still doing here? I’m
not safe around you’
‘yes, i sent the assasins but i didnt send
it for your father. It was Alice’ Gilbert
‘yes Alice. I wanted her killed not your
dad. Your dad did nothing to me. Why
on earth will i want to kill him?’
‘i dont understand’
Gilbert sat on the couch ‘see my dear. I
have a confession to make’
‘wha….what confession?’
‘even though it might sound wrong
but….’ his voice trailed off.
‘But what?’
‘i love you’ Gilbert said.
Maria’s mouth immediately flew open
‘yes its wrong i shouldnt love a teenager
but i couldnt help it, i love you so much
Maria’ Gilbert said hoping she had drop
the topic about the assasin stuff.
‘you love me?’ Maria asked.
Gilbert stood up and moved towards
her ‘the age difference between us is
alarming. I mean i’m 34 and you are 17.
That shows there’s a gap of 17 years
between us but….but……’
‘lets talk about this later,’ Maria wasnt
scared much, just a little and that fear
could be quenched if he kept a
considerable distance from her ‘why did
you send assasins to kill Alice?’
Gilbert groaned inwardly. This girl was
so headstrong. More reason he was
going to kill her. He must!
‘that was where i was heading…..’
‘oh shut up!’ Maria snapped and Gilbert
winced, this girl was so rude. God help
him, he might just end up killing her
here but Abby was inside. Abby!
Jeez, he really had to end this matter
now. He didnt want Abby hearing
anything she shouldnt hear or he might
just kill her too. And he didnt want to.
She was his niece for crying out loud
and he loved her.
She was the only thing he used to
remember his late twin sister who died
during childbirth at seventeen.
He had loved his sister so much and had
vowed, even though he just wrote WAEC
then, he vowed to take care of his late
sister’s child. And even when his
parents had rejected the child, he
moved out of their family house with
the baby. Determined to survive. He
worked as a bricklayer for three years
before he managed to pick a wallet on
the street one night. And that led to his
road to success. The money inside was
enough for him to make a living for
both him and Abby and he managed to
go to the university as a part time
While still doing menial jobs so there
wont come a time when he and Abby
would lack money at all so he couldnt
kill Abby because she was part of his
‘Maria, Abby’s inside. Lets talk outside i
beg of you’ he pleaded.
Maria started telling him that there was
no way they were going inside because
she was scared of him but changed her
mind. And she and Gilbert went outside.
‘so tell me why you wanted to kill Alice
and you better do it fast before i report
this to the police and you have to
explain the reason why you want to kill
me and my dad!’ she gave him a
considerable distance.
‘Maria, that was a mistake. The reason i
want to kill Alice is because i love you. I
wanted you to be happy’
‘you must be mad! How will someone’s
death make me happy?’
‘i know that if Alice dies, your father will
forget about her and there would be no
other woman in his life again. And he
would love you unconditionally because
you are all he’s got. And you would be
happy. I wanted you to be happy. I really
love you Maria. Age difference or not,
my heart beats for you not for Alice
‘this is crazy’
Gilbert saw uncertainty in her eyes and
grinned wickedly. Fool! She was going
to die a very sorrowful and painful
death. The girl was a real dullard. If she
was sensible, she would have ran away
and reported him to the police as soon
as possible. But she didnt. She stayed.
He loved meeting foolish people.
Because if she had been wise and ran
away, he would have been
contemplating leaving Nigeria right
now. But she wanted to play the tough
kid, one who never backs down from a
fight and he was going to tell her now
that he was a wizard when it comes to
handling matters like this.
He moved closer and cupped her face
with his hands, then placed his lips on
hers. Maria protested but he held her
Then he pulled out a gun and placed it
on her stomach. Maria wasnted to push
him away to see what it was but before
she could blink, she heard a gunshot,
and bloos gushed out from her
mouth….Gilbert shot her

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