Tony entered his room and shut the
door. Feeling lonely, he sat on the bed
and took his shoes off he stood up
wanting to drop his shoe in the shoe
rack when he saw Alice’s sandal. He
picked the red and golden beautiful
sandal he forced a smile. He
remembered this was Alice’s best
sandal. She loved it so much she could
wear it everyday. He like it too. He didnt
know why he never saw it all this while.
He missed her.
He missed Alice so much. His life felt
empty without her and even Maria
couldnt fill that vacuum in his heart
anymore. He loved her so much and just
the thought of her and her betrayal
made him shed tears.
Right now, he couldnt tell between, the
period Naomi died and the past two
weeks, which were that worst period of
his life. He couldnt tell.
These past few weeks were like hell to
him. He couldnt feed fine and he was
emanciating. He was no longer his
cheerful self and he only managed to
smile or laugh whenever Maria was
around. Maria was his only source of joy
right now. If not for his daughter, what
could he have done? If Maria wasnt
around, he was sure he would have ran
after Alice, begging her to stay with him
even if he knew she was in love with
another man, that wouldnt have
stopped him.
But the thought of having Gilbert’s
hands all over her body, kissing and
making love to her made his heart twist
in pain and made anger surge through
him. He wanted to hate Alice he wanted
to really hate her for all she’s done.
But he couldnt.
She had been so real. So caring.
Wonderful. Beautiful. Selfless.
Understanding. Loving. Romantic.
Intelligent. Courageous.
Oh! He lacked words on how to
describe her. But she was almost
perfect. He knew he loved her WITH ALL
HIS HEART. And he thought she loved
him too.
If only Alice had returned giving even a
lousy excuse, he was sure he would
have forgiven her. He was so sure of
that. Even if she claimed Gilbert was her
brother, he wuld believe her because he
trusted her. With his life.
When she didnt show up for complete
two weeks, he knew she didnt love him
and that Gilbert was right. She was
nothing but a gold digger. But he
wondered if Gilbert ever knew that he
had made love to her several times.
What man would let his woman sleep
with another man all in the name of
playing games? He was surprised.
And Alice readily responded to his
touch. When she was just playing
games with him? Toying with his
feelings? He was baffled.
Then it struck him that he never
understand the two lovers one bit. They
were both wierd!
So wierd. Playing games?
He shrugged. He kept the scandal aside.
It was her property and he was going
to return it to her. He didnt want
anything that belonged to her
anywhere around his house he didnt
want to see it.
He was going to return it to her
tommorow. Thank God it was a
‘you dont love me at all mummy’ Alice
‘i love you but you dont deserve love my
daughter. What you deserve is hatred.
You are nothing but a disgrace to
womanhood. Do you know what you
look like now? A harlot. A shame. You
are not a wife material Alice. You are not
a decent woman. Left for me, i dont
think any man deserves someone like
you. No matter how terrible that man
maybe, it can never be compared to
having a s–t for a wife!’ Kofo snapped.
‘mummy, you are hurting my feelings.
You are making me think that i dont
deserve to live….’
‘of course you dont deserve to live. The
world would do better without cheap
prostitutes hanging on the streets like
you. Its better to not have a child. Than
have one who would bring nothing but
shame and disgrace to you!’
‘its not what you think Maria’ Gilbert
said moving forward while Maria took a
cautious step backward. He was
doomed. Why didnt he realise that
someone was at the door why didnt
she knock?
‘dont come closer you jerk. You were
the one who sent assasins to our
house?’ Maria asked.
‘no no…..i mean yes’ Gilbert replied

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