Am not a perfect writter but with my little mentality and idea I formulated this story in my own knowledge and understanding

This story is totally fiction its in No resemblance to anyone
Warning( 16+ )

Male and female
Half romance half adventure

episode: 1
my name is Dan and i am twentyfour years of age while i was in the university trying to achieve something in life but i encounter some difficulty in the life we lived today.
sarah my girl friend she is the most beautiful girl i set my eyes on but i never thought of marriage for now i admired her so much she is a cool gentle girl and she is also tough and also i got mixed up with her friends while i was in school.
she had some certain friends bukola funmilayo and racheal they where close friends.
as the story began i was walking in my street around 7:pm in evening trying to get to where i usually buy Yam and acara across the rail way line inside Lawrence avenue some where at oluwaseyi train station and busstop also i meet three of my friends they were also heading to Yam and accara spot so we walked together as we got there we saw a lot of people waiting for their turn chai as this hunger dey fire my Belle Ooo my friends and i was dissapointed cos we where all hungry like hungry lion we all sat down on a long bench about four of us the tallest among us is Sunday he is the eldest the other two Joseph and Emmanuel we got sweet names but we are dengerous dont be surprise we sat down for like fifteen munites people were still there.
finally it got to our turn then i got closer to the woman to buy akara for three of us for 200naira
opposite me a lady was walking so fast making her way to get to where i was,this lady is very beautiful and has a good stature a lady needs to have.
she got closer to where i was while my friends sunday,joseph,emma was still sitting and talking to each other as the girl reach my place she stood infront of me boldly
me:see this girl ooo you no meet me here ni.
me:you no sabi talk ni if i rough handle you now people go dey beg for you
lady:easy i never knew there is a queue here
me: even if no queue here at least you meet me standing infront of the akara woman
lady:am sorry then i just tought i could use your chance as a guy
me:ehn ehn
now i realized she just wanted me to usher her in like the ladies first situation i just smiled a little telling her
me:oh!!! now i understand its ok then go ahead and buy what you want
she got closer to the akara woman then she bought akara 150naira then she left so i also bought mine too then we all left there.
on our way home we discuss her matter we all know that some girls are fund of doing ladies first even if its worthless at that momment.
we got home as we prepare to soak garri and sugar plus akara we where just making noise as usual inside one room we drank garri and akara to our satisfaction so we laid down one by one till we all slept off.
its was around 9:am i could ear the sound of music in my ears the noice was so much i got up to find out that joseph was the one playing music chai see trouble
me:heyyyy!!! you don start again na everyday you dey play music,you no dey rest self,see as you wake me up abeg low this thing for me jhor
joseph:alaiye cool down nah na 9.O clock we dey nah
he got closer to the home theatre set and tunned down the volume i never got the chance to sleep again as sunday and emma dash in from outside
sunday:hey borbor get up jare you too dey sleep
emma:why you no come field na daniel field sweet today ooo i swear
me:ohhhhhh GOD make i sleep nah una dey craz ni
sunday:abeg stand up jhor
he drag my leg so i will be disturbed.this is how almost every guys lived if they are all living together
me:you no say nah garri we soak yesterday how do you expect me to play ball today wey i no get strenght
emma:abeg forget that thing money don enter maga don pay ooo
sunday:abi you think say we just go field go play odinary football na money we play ooo and we chop 3k
me:chai!!! talk true una chop money
emma:we chop money oooo e pain me as you no come oo if to say you play with us we for chop like 8k cos we no use better player self
me:ahh!!! see fuck up ooo una for call my line nah
sunday:check your phone nah you know how many times we call you
i checked my phone i saw six missed call i knew it could be the music that killed the sound of my phone
me:no vex my guys so how we go take do am now shey make we cook food abi make we buy and chop
sunday:no be only buy and chop you know as economy be make we con go buy rice chop that one no fit work ooo
me:ok oya lets cook then
emma:i don call person we go cook she dey come
as we all ear what he said we all burst out in hail tone
me joseph sunday: heyyyyyyyyyyy baba agba tuile two hand for you ooo we fall for you ooo emma the ladies choice
me:hmm you and this shade of a girl una matter don dey rise oo
joseph:abi ooo love wantintin
sunday:ehn no problem make we taste her hand for soup maybe she go sabi cook
after ten munites we heard someone knocking on our door ko ko ko ko ko ko
me:who be rat make he or she enter
shade:you no serious niyi oo am the rat abi
me:lol no mind me enter the house as a future wife
she smiled a little and she got in sat on our bed as we all looked at her we kept silent and compose emmanuel(emma) moved closer to her on the bed and sat beside her as he talked to her in a low voice then shade respond to him so emma gave him 1500 out of the 3k shade got up telling US to chill that she Will be through with cooking in a giffy we all answered her.
she got to the kitchen she prepared the food rice and stew fish egg everything join
she took the food in and she served everybody.
we wey hunger don beat like say tomorrow no dey we chop and chop till we are all tired na so we start our madness again oo
me:wait who cook this food self
joseph:na me cook am (lol)
sunday:no na me cook am (laughing)
me:chai una own food wey no dey sweet abi you don forget the day you prepare strong eba wey wan tear my throat for me
joseph:nah true oo i no fit give you eba make you prepare am again you worst die
shade:(laughing) hmmmmmmm
me:emma you have made us proud you brought a good wife to the family
they all replied in chorus (YESSSSSSSSSSSS)
i took a cup and pour water in it and i told them (CHEERRRSSSS)they did the same as we all burst into laughter
including shade we played and crack jokes till evening time untill shade was about going we were sad a little cos she kept us company it was so lively around a good decent girl like shade very subtle so we all got up then we followed her down to the street for her to take a ride home emma gave her 500naira out of the 1500 she appriciate what was given to her emma gave her a kiss right infront of us boldly she also returned the favour cheerfuly then she left TBC…

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