(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 37
Wisdom carried Tochi up and flung her around in joy. He finally dropped her and held her closely to himself staring into her lovely eyes.
“I’m so happy to see you” he said touching her hair.
“I missed you so much” Tochi replied trying to bite her fingernails but Wisdom brought it down.
“I told you that i will come back for you” he said.
“I’m happy you came back” she replied with a low voiced and kissed him then dragged him to sit down as to gist him on the latest news.
“Hmm, Wisdom, do you know where Vivian has been till now?”
“Where?” he asked smiling at her female character.
“Still in the police station oh, and she didn’t defend her result which means she won’t be schooling abroad again”
“Hmm, i pity her”
“I pity her too”
“But i thank God she didn’t take my Tochi away”
“Yes oh, God will always protect your Tochi” she replied and they laughed.
Wisdom looked into the kitchen, then he walked towards the fire but Tochi asked him, “Where are you going to?”
“I saw you trying to make fire so let me help you” he replied.
“No oh, do you want to dirty yourself? Don’t you know that you are now an oyibo” she briskly went into the kitchen to prevent him but stumbled. Immediately, Wisdom turned sharply and caught her round the waist in a way Tochi’s head nearly touched the ground then both stared at each other romantically smiling then Wisdom gently dragged her up and kiss her. Immediately, Mrs Desmoned returned.
Chester came to Nigeria, of course Maria followed him. He couldn’t wait to see Esther. He went to their house knowing very well that she won’t be there. Mr and Mrs Godwin were inside the parlour having lunch when he entered with a car key jingling in his finger.
“Good day, ma’am. Good day, sir” he bowed and greeted.
“Ehen, my son” Mr Godwin looked at him with strange eyes trying to remember his face. However, the wife had already known who he was and that he had an emotional connection with her daughter.
“Chester, how are you?” she asked smiling.
“I’m fine, Ma’am”
“Who is he?” Mr Godwin turned to his wife.
“He’s Silva’s son, our daughter’s classmate”
“Oh! The one i met outside with my daughter one certain time!”
“Exactly, sir” Chester replied smiling then was offered a seat.
“But Esther is in school oh” Mr Godwin said.
“Yes, i know. I only came to greet you”
“Where have you been?”
“He schools in Australia” the wife interrupted then the husband looked at her in a way that shows: After you’ll explain to me how you know.
“You are welcome my son” he turned to Chester again. They discussed about his school and inquired about his parents before he left. After that, Mr Godwin looked at his wife again suspiciously and asked, “Bia, this woman, how do you know that the boy schools in Australia?”
“Esther told me” she replied reluctantly.
“Is that so?! So you are secretly giving my daughter’s hand in marriage?”
“Hey, no nah, my husband” she smiled as Mr Gowin stared at her seriously but eventually smiles too.
“Women!” he exclaimed and concentrated on the delicious food.
“What have women done to you again?”
“You people are just.. just.. infact i don’t know” he stammered and they laughed. “But the only thing i know is that you women can make delicious foods like this particular one am eating” he added and the wife laughed seriously.
“Thanks for the compliment” she said.
“Which compliment? Better teach your daughter how to cook before giving her hand in marriage oh”
“Hey! Ibiakwa!” they smiled happily.
Chester called Esther on the phone. He told her that he was coming to see her at school the next.
On the next day, from d time Esther woke up she had been happy and glowing with smiles. She terminated all her appointments with her friends and dressed her small apartment. One could see the bed well dressed and the bags well arranged. She sat before her reading table waiting patiently for Chester. She wore a fairy light brown gown looking beautiful in it. Suddenly, she stood up when she head a knock at the door. She dressed her hair and rubbed her face before she gently open it just see Chester smiling at her. She shouted in a loud voice and hugged him in a way she remained on his body like a baby until Chester entered and closed the door. Still on his body, he kissed her romantically before she came down.
“Oh my God, i miss you so much!” Esther said.
“I miss you more, sweetheart” he replied and sat on the bed, then Esther stared at him with strange eyes.
“What is it?” Chester asked.
“Isn’t the bed too.. I mean too local for you?”
“Come, you have started oh” he dragged her into the bed in a way she laid on top of him. Then they became quiet staring at each other eyes.
“I thought i will not see you again” Esther broke the silence.
“I told you that i will always come back for you”
“I’m so happy u did”
“Me too, sweetheart” he replied and began to kiss her feeling her butt and breast. He turned her around to position well but his phone rang-Maria was calling..

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