Alice rushed into the hospital, not even
caring about her morning illness. She
just wanted to see Maria, she wanted to
know if she was alright, how it all
happened she wanted to know.
She sat Tony sitting at one corned of the
hospital, his face buried in his hands.
She didnt know if she was crying or not.
And she didnt know if she should go
over to him or not. She hated him.
She hated him for looking down on her.
Thinking of her as a gold digger, a
materialistic…… No, she didnt want to
remember everything Maria had said
her dad caled her.
But she wasnt there to see him, she
wanted to see Maria. She knew he had
probably cancelled their wedding and
the thought sapped her energy.
She went over to him and tapped him
gently ‘Tony’
Tony looked up, surprised. Then slowly
the surprise turned to anger. His eyes
were red and she knew he had been
crying. But why was he angry at her?
Was she the one who shot Maria?
‘what are you doing here?’ his voice
‘to see Maria’ she replied.
Tony finched. She wasnt even here to
see him. She never really loved him, so
he had been right afterall. Alice didnt
give a hoot about him.
‘you are not seeing her so go back to
where you came from. Where you
belong with Gilbert’
‘oh please stop being dramatic! I didnt
come to see you. I came to see Maria!’
Alice barked furiosly. She was mad. So
he never believed her? He doubted her
love for him. Maria had been right all
along. Her dad just needed a bed
companion and she cheaply offered
herself to him. What a fool she had
‘you even have the right to scream at
me?’ Tony asked as he stood up
disregarding the fact that they were
already causing a scene at the hospital
‘how dare you? Do you want to spend
the rest of your life in prison?’
Alice laughed scornfully ‘for what
reason? Just because i came to see your
daughter who was shot and admitted
in a hospital? Or just because you are
rich and affluent? You are so full of
yourself Tony, who the he do you think
you are? Are you the first rich man in
Nigeria? Are you richer than Dangote?
Just because you have a few millions in
your account doesnt make you the
richest man ever! Dont let your money
get into your head!’
Tony was furious. So this was how she
thought of him all this while? She saw
him as a proud man. Oh God! Why was
he so ill lucked? He had lost his first love
to the hands of death and now his
second love never truly loved him.
‘how dare you insult me you trash! You
are nothing Aice and i coud crush you
with a snap of my finger. You and your
miserable family will all go down if i
decide to act!’
‘shut up! You cant do anything Tony you
cant! Those are a empty threats, empty
threats. You are nothing but an empty
vessel. Without your money you are
useless. Worthless’
‘yes and without my money you would
never have dated me. You were just
around me for my money even though
you knew i truly loved you’
‘you never loved me!’ Alice snapped ‘you
are nothing but an arrogant jerk! A liar.
You are a playboy. You just wanted to
see the colour of my panties and guess
what?’ she clapped her hands ‘you
succeeded. Congratulations’
‘is that how low you think of me?’
‘yes! Thats how low i think of you
because you also think of me as a gold

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