‘i hate you Alice’
‘i’ve never hated anyone the way i hate
you right now Tony’ Alice fired back. She
was shaking in anger and hatred.
She kept her love for him aside and told
him a the things she wanted to tell him.
They were causing a scene in the
hospital and it took the securities to be
able to cam them down.
Alice was fuming, he was foolish and he
was teling everyone that.
They gave each other deadly stares, one
would never know they once dated or
even smiled at each other before. Infact,
it looked as if, if left alone, they could kill
each other.
‘i dont even know what i saw in you
that made me love you because you are
not worth it’ Tony said.
Alice scoffed ‘the earlier you stop lying
and come out clean, the better for you
and i. We never loved each other! You
used me and i used you! You wanted
my body and i wanted your money. We
are even! There are no winners and no
losers, come on!’ Alice spat.
God knew it took all her strenght to say
that. But Tony already said he hated her,
what then will she gain professing her
love for him?
‘whether you believe it or not, i truly
loved you. I never wanted your body or
anything. I oved you for who you are
but you just proved to me that you are
worthless, a cheap prostitute, a…..’
The slap that landed on his cheek was
unexpected. For seconds, he couldnt
comprehend what was going on
around him.
‘you dare tell me what you told your
daughter about me? Right in my face?’
‘how dare you slap me?’
‘and i woud do that again and again if
you dont watch your tongue,’ she
wanted to act strong but her voice was
giving her away. Tears filled her eyes
against her will and they dropped freely.
What was wrong with her? Why on
earth will she cry in front of this b—–d.
Tony felt bad seeing her cry though he
thought she deserved it. No woman had
ever slapped him before and go scot
free. But with Alice, he knew he wouldnt
retaliate. He just wanted to let her go
but her tears were getting to him.
He wanted to take her in his arms and
apologise to her. Promise never to say
anything that was going to hurt her
‘i’m sorry. I should never have called you
a prostitute’ he said looking away.
Alice opened her mouth to say
something until she saw a doctor
coming their way. She quickly wiped her
tears and braced herself for whatever
was coming.
‘doctor, what of my daughter what of
Maria? Is she okay?’ Tony asked hastily.
He was so desperate to see his
daughter. He wondered what on earth
was going on. This would be the
second time Maria was shot. Who was
respnsibe for all of this?
‘i’m sorry Mr Brown but i’ve got bad
news for you’ the doctor replied

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