Episode 28…
***the following day, Sunday by: 10:12am****
After too many rhetorical questions, and fear of the imminent danger ahead of us. We decided to give it a shot and finally die once. For me I don’t afraid of dying again. I had seen many cases that beyond human talk while eating my beans and garri at Agodi garden, as well as owena military cantonment. I wasn’t afraid to die again, even if my totality of die would eventually come from opeyemi. But I was ready to know why I was set-up by her initially. I was ready to know who are those godfathers and her consortium fellows who strongly behind her to seek my downfall and disappearing of snakie. Yet, I was not ready to sacrifice the blood of innocent person. A person like racheal who risked her life, only for me to be released from long term jail. But the more I tried to convince her not to involve herself in the case, the more she brushed off my warning and letting me know that her work related to this case and she also would like to see the end of the case as well as people behind the plot. *** as she used the sentence “I like adventure” to round off her statement***

By 10:47am, we got to opeyemi’s gate and racheal came down from car. Immediately she knocked the gate. Gateman recognized her and asked her to come inside. The gateman put an intraswitch to inform opeyemi inside the house that those people that brought their products yesterday have just come. ***Like a tally’s man of Indian*** opeyemi emerged from the top of building and sight racheal on the ground*** my blood stop running and my heart start beating fast. I never imagined seeing opeyemi face to face so soon. It was like a dream. I quickly composed myself and acted so coded inside the car. I was afraid of opeyemi since we were coming, for the fact that I don’t know what she would be made of by now. But, having seen her, my fear disappeared and I was ready to go head to head with her***. After much assessment by sight, she orders gateman to let her come up, while she returned inside the building. Racheal quickly cease the chances nip the gateman in the bud and ask him to allow me to come with her as a partner in business. She only asked me to bring the remaining bags inside the car and follow her like a secretary in the working place. I came down from the car with face cap cover my head. I opened the bonnet and brought out the bags and shoes and start following racheal from behind. We ascending the stairs and locate the master sitting room with only opeyemi inside house with a kid not more than 2years of age. Opeyemi asked us to take our sit and befor she could say jack robinson, I removed my face-cap and came face to face with her. She was shocked and screaming….

Opeyemi:***screaming*** jeeeeerrrrryyyyy…….. is that you?

Racheal: ****blocked her way from running outside or downstairs****

While, i…..

Me:*** I quickly went straight to the little boy that is playing on the ground. Picked him up and went straight to the back of the building. I threaten to drop him off the building**** opeyemi…. Opeyemi…. Opeyemi…. There is no secret in the world, people who remember do not die because time past. The wind done blow and the fowl yansh is opened… I will drop off your kid now if you don’t start telling me while you want me die…***showing red face***

Opeyemi: ****start crying**** please, jerry don’t do that. The kid is innocent. He has not hand in what transpire between me and you.

Racheal: ****locking all the entrance door to prevent anyone coming in****

Me:****showing red face and threaten to drop off the kid while the kid is screaming…”mummy”*** tell me now. Why you set me up??? Whhhhhhhhyyyy???? Answer me now… before you Have YOUSELF TO BLAME!!!

Opeyemi: ****crying profusely*** please jerry… don’t do this to my kid. I am not even the one that set you up. Please let my kid go.**** start kneeling down for me and begging****

Me: ***Frank and burning like fire*** who are you trying to act (before me) like a victim??? tell me now… screaming: “you and whose people that set me up”. Or else, I will throw him down now.

As I was trying to let go off the boy to show I was serious with my threaten. I just want to put more effort in the act to depict the seriousness. Then, she broke down on the ground and start rolling around the floor and start shouting:

Opeyemi:***crying profusely while rolling on the ground*** screaming: don’t kill him jerry… don’t kill your own son, you fool… he is your son. Don’t kill your son!!!

Me: ***screaming*** wwwhhhhaaaatttt???

***Me and racheal looked at each other***

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