Episode 8
***11:05, the following day****
I do not know the formula for success, but the formulary for failure, is: trying to pleasing everybody. The people i loved most in this world left me for no reasons. My mother left me immediately after given birth to me. Daddy left almost 10years ago.
****I am still curious to know why mummy could ever called uncle to inform him such news and why will she say, I am just making her going through hard time.****
As I was lost in thinking, then mummy came inside:

Me: good day ma.

Mummy: goodday jerry. How was your night?

Me: fine ma, but I want to see you for a moment? Hope you’re not ready to go out yet?

Mummy: I will soon be going out. It is very important for us to see now??

Me: yes ma! Actually it is not an issue that are so important, but I need to ask you for something.

Mummy: I am all hear…

Me: please let sit down.

She return back to inside and I follow her. We sat together on the couch.

Me: I have wanted to plead to you about the issue that happened the other time.

Mummy: **adjust her sitting*** OK!

Me: I don’t want you to get me wrong at all.

Muumy: I am not getting you wrong. Listen Jerry, that girl is your cross.

Me: that is where am coming to…. ma! I just know ibidun briefly. We never had any pivot relationship. I wonder why she wants to carry someone else piknig give me.

Mummy: that where you are getting it wrong. Woman knows who impregnate her. You can’t say the pregnant is not yours.

Me: OK! Ma. I agree but that girl wey you see. She is a lion. She knows what he is doing.

Mummy: I have been to this world quit long. That girl is so innocent. She might just appear like that towards you.

Me: mummy!

Mummy: eeeeeeeh!!!

Me: ibidun is so raw.. She is a woman I can’t date. Her level beyond mine.

Mummy: jerry, you are a son to me. Don’t make a wrong step in the early stage of your life. I once did teenager. It’s the strategy of the elders. There isn’t anyone who in this wrld without any sad of memories of love.

Me:I understand ma! But ibidun does not belong to the type of world I want for my life.

Mummy: but you knew before you impregnated her….

Me: nooo mummy… I didn’t. I know she is faking it.

Mummy: stop it jerry. A needle thief would eventually become a cow thief.

Me: ha!

Mummy: yes!

Me: don’t get me wrong mummy. Like my father popularly saying; there are two types of girls. The type you marry, and the type that you play around and then Break up. Let just say ibidun is the later.

Mummy: is that what you are now using to shape your life??? Heee! Haven’t you ever heard the proverb, he that will steal a pin will steal an ox…. Accept your fate. Don’t surfer innocent child who is coming to live his/her life

Me:**** I frown**** child kee? Niru akoko yi ko….

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