Episode 2:as at around 8am I took my phone I log on to whatsapp I saw lots of massages but I ignored them first, for the important one.I saw two New Massage from sarah

Sarah:hi dear
Me:Hello babe
Sarah:sweetheart I will be present at your house tomorrow
Me:really !!!
Me:Ok No problem then will be expecting you
Sarah:Ok Bye for now
the way I meet sarah was somehow Funny cos I wasn’t her favorite back then about six years ago I was in a tutorial focus educational institute inside ogunstate ijoko.
Well I was a fancy guy I love to wear cute clothes to tutorial and I Am a very experienced player to the extend that some of my tutorial mate call me pogba right before pogba came back to man united fc and they most expectially call me wayama that southamton player then played for totteham.and also my legalized name in School by my School mate was wande coal I don’t understand maybe I look like wande coal they just made me bear wande coal but I never worry I was so popular in that tutorial just like School;to cut the long story short

*********************************MY ENCOUNTER WITH SARAH***********************************
we nomally play interclass football in focus everyfriday jamb vs waec I attend waec class then jamb never defeat us while I was still in waec until one day everybody was ready to play match on Friday they all gathered money for bet jamb vs waec but unfortunately I was abscent for the first time they played the match but we lost 4-0 everyone was dissapointed in me they critisized me so much that I Am a coward I betrayed them they made me sad that day but I promised them that Next Friday we will revenge on them well this in a true life story right now attached to fiction

They believed me but has little faith in me until that Next Friday which I will never Forget in my life we all prepared from tutorial then we went to N.U.D field if you know that field in ijoko the most purpular field in ijoko where the team called oruma FA
All my class mate was there including our girls we where many that day they wanted to see our magic most expectially cos they all believed I was like their football god I knew I everybody wants to see my performance cos I told them that No matter What I we will win if I play with them

*********THE MATCH BEGAN********
We started playing within ten munites we scored!!! Solomon scored 1-0
We played closed to 45munites they equalized 1-1 till second half
They started pressurizing us they almost scored but we defend as much as possible till about 5munites to go solomon launched the pass from behind to isreal as isreal touched the ball back to me in a 1 2 pass then I turned the ball fired it from long range I swear it was a deflection goal but goal is goal everyone burst out they ran down to us on the field goooooooaaaaaaallllllll!!! That was when I got my highest ever reputation I scored making 2-1 we continued again at this range my moral was so high I was playing like messi I couldn’t even understand my self I began dribbling everybody I was the only machinery in my team lastly another long pass from solomon again that solomon plays like iniesta I swear as the ball got to me I was left with two of my players and a defender I had two choice isreal on my right side another player on my left the opponent in my front I layed the pass to isreal on my right I knew he is in best possition to score so I passed to him then he fired the ball straight into the net gooooooooooaaaaaallllllllll!!! Making 3-1 final Scores.
To cut the long story short that was the day my reputation became more higher at tutorial I was over rated like a football god
Everybody on that field that day came to compliment us including sarah Since that day sarah has been coming closer to me one way Or the other I got her number then we got more intimated.
Finally we got to date each other now its been over a year we loved each other so much

But there are terrible things which occured

Sunday joseph emma and I lived together as bachelors and still schooling in gateway university of ogunstate so every activities of our lives occurs to each one of us
As sarah got to my place No one was at Home that blessed day She came around 8:45am She was puting on green long skinny gown and a shining silver chain with a light green bag Wow She is the most beautiful girl on my mind for that moment my system vibrates like a vibrator She got into my house while I was opposite my house She didn’t see me but I was right behind her as She took phone She dailed my number it rang then I picked the call I quickly told her to Wait that Am Close to her I hanged up the call I got into the house I saw her sitting on my chair then I got closer to her and I kissed her on the cheek She respond very well as I sat on my bed

Me:serah what do i offer you
sarah:just get me food
me:ok thats simple i can cook that or what the you think
sarah:no oo buy cooked rice i cant wait for your cooking
me:(smile)are you criticizing me babe
sarah:no i just dont want to waste time i have other places to go and a very hungry
me:ok then as you wish i will be back soon lemme rush down the street to get you rice
sarah:ok be fast
sarah:wait where is you bathroom i need to bath
me:follow me take this towel
sarah:hope its your only
me: as in
sarah:i mean are you the only one using it
me:sure why not each one of us has our different towel
Sarah:OK good
me:Will be back soon

i went out to get her rice i bought rice with 3meats lot of plantain fish and meat i came back i opened the door as i saw her undressed but not naked she was just in her bra and tight and she was holding my towel i looked with passion seeing those skinny body but i composed as i got inside.
Sarah:you are back let me Rush down to the bathroom
she came back with my towel on her body i sat at the edge of my bed she never bothered to wear her clothes she sat down and began eating the rice while i was looking at her thinking deep down my heart about how i Will find my way trough her laps seeing those fresh legs makes me go gaga and this was her second time in my home sincere we meet in tutorial she is very free and transparent around me i have seen her almost as naked as this like 5times but i never engage in sex with her i just want her to feel comfortable around me but today i couldnt risist it.
SHE finished eating the food as i relaxed on my bed looking else where she got up and stretch her self as she began the conversation with me.
Sarah:Dan i think i need to sleep am feeling weak
me:(happy)eh!!! eh!!! sleep now you can sleep on my bed
Sarah:OK i Will be leaving in evening time
me:no problem
she fell on my bed while i was beside her we were both looKing up we continued our conversation after about 20munites then she started sleeping i looked at her then i sat straight i saw deep down Underneath the towel on her body has been lossed a little i saw her Red pant i just gathered courage to play the game

a girl came to your house she stayed long even had the moral to bath at your place and still undress in your presence to finish it all she didnt dress back but sleep in your house with only towel with pant chai then definately if she dosnt get a dick the guy is suffering from penis structure.
i roled from my position to where she was as i touched her check i kissed her mouth she moved a little i continued kissing her but she didnt react i touched her breast very soft and standby she did not respond i continued romancing her then i decided to go down to the promise land as i was moving down to her belle with my bare hand she vibrates a little that was when i knew she wasnt asleep my heart jumped up in little excitement i continued moving down while kissing her mouth licking her soft lips as if am licking stick sweet.
my hand got down into my towel on her body i got down to that red pant as she felt my hand she adjust her self in a rejection way i stopped and continued with the kiss i took my right leg into her laps so for her not to cover her laps for me to penetrate.i engage my hand down again this time i was fast i quickly went straight down to her v**nal before she could resist my hand was ontop as i romanced it she couldnt remove my hand then i continued i dip my middle finger into her v**nal slowly she forgot she was pretending for me she moan out in sensational way it was tight but greasy as i was diping in and out she was sounding gradualy this period of time she has already open up facing up with her legs wide open i undressed sharply as i continued with her v**nal
see bad luck as my phone began to ring chai,i stopped and then i picked the phone
(unknown number)
female voice:hi dan
me:who am i speaking with
female voice:peace one the line
me:oh whats up
peace:am fine are you at home
me:ehnn yes!!! no no i mean no am not at home
peace:yes no which one are you saying
me:am not at home will talk to you later
i cut the call as i looked at Sarah face she frowned at me

Sarah:who is that
me:oh dont worry about her
Sarah:about your GF right
me:no Ooo the girl is my friends BAE so she tought we are all at home so she wanna come over
Sarah:hmmmmmmm i ear you Ooo

she got up as she removed the towel around her body in my presence.for the first time i saw her nakedNess without fucking her.my dick rose up but i made sure she doesnt see it, she dressed up as i followed her outside holding her waist as she rest her head on my chest on our way out we were gisting and laughing together then we got down the road as i ordered her a ride i kissed her in her mouth before the taxi man took her away.
i knew one day that i Will surely fuck this girl but how am i so sure am not going to betray her later but as for now i have no intention of leaving this girl i think i still love her TBC…

episode 3:as for me i am a confirm womanizer,well it wasnt my fault those girls just keep falling for me cos of my handsome skin any girl who crossed my path i usually fuck them.now i got stuck in some fucked up situation which was critical there is this married young fine lady about 30years old of age i have been admiring her a long time ago until i got the chance to enter her in my room.
i start my generator as i walked into my room i sat on my bed trying to play film then i heard someone knock …
me:yes come in,oh mummy timi
mummy timi:yeah its me oo i want to charge my phone oo
me:sure plug it over there
mummy timi:its charging now
mummy timi:let me watch wait a little and watch this film whats the name
me:un its spatacus and its a sex film oo
mummy timi:yea i like it i can watch it
the funny part is that if her husband should come back from work and meet her in my room its not gonna be light at all.
it got to certain point where they began to fuck themselves as i was watching mummy timi was looking at me i continued looking at the screen as she got up from her seat she came closer to me and sat at the edge of the bed my heart was beating so fast i knew something is gonna happen right this momment i looked straight into her eyes she touched my tommy with her soft hand robing softly
me:nummy timi what are you doing
mummy timi:dont you like it
me:what if we get caught
mummy timi:no one is at home
as she took her hand down to my dick i couldnt talk again she took my hand and dip it into her boobs wow it was warm as i touched it gently she came more closer to me as i pull of her top revealing her fresh yellow boobs she unzipped my short as my dick came out standing like a patriot she stroke my dick up and down and took it to her mouth my body was vibrating in sensation she sucked my dick for like 2munites as she got on my dick she took of her pant i could see her v**gnal well shaved she insert my dick into her v** fucking me despirately giving soft moan she is a good fucking woman i turned her over then i got ontop of her i opened her legs then i slot my dick into her virginal she moan a little looking at me ontop of her i continued fucking her very fast.
mummy timi:ahhhhhhhh uhnnnnnnnn ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah shhhhhhhh ah un un haah ouch
i fucked her then i cum inside her v**gnal as she lay flat on the bed she was weak i kissed her romntically i still dip my finger in her virginal i was fingering her and was still kissing her we both enjoyed the sex she got up and put on her cloths
mummy timi:you are hot dan i love the fucking
mummy timi:let this be between us ok?
mummy timi:we will talk later baby boy i have to go now

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