(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 38
Chester neglected the call at first kissing and romancing Esther seriously but the phone rang again. He wanted to ignore it for the second time but Esther quit and told him to pick it before he reluctantly picked the call laying side by side with Esther who stared at his lips and eyes admiring his handsomeness. She could see beards sprouting out from his cheek and jaw then she began to touch them while he talked on the phone.
“Honey, where are you?” Maria asked on the phone.
“What is your problem?”
“I want to see you”
“For what?”
“Just tell me where you are”
“I traveled”
“To where?”
“It doesn’t matter” Chester cut the called and exhaled deeply looking at Esther. He expected her to asked who the caller was but she never said a word as she touched his cheek.
“Are you betrothed to her?” she finally asked with a low voice.
“To who?”
“To the person that just called you” Chester kept quiet. “Is Maria, isn’t she? Are you betrothed to her?” Esther was still in quisitive.
“No, I’m not”
“I think your parents preferred her than any other girl”
“What do you mean by that” he began to touch her hair too but Esther kept quiet. “You need to stand for me and trust me. I’m not gonna leave you, okay?” Chester concluded then she nodded her head positively and adjusted closely into his arms in a way her head rested on his chest. While Chester romanced her back and went down to her buttocks then finally wanted to move inbetween her legs but she startled and removed his hand.
“You know what?” she said. “I was taught by my mother to keep my relationship holy” she added without looking at him.
“I understand what you are talking about. You mean you don’t want to have sex in this relationship, right?” Chester asked but she didn’t replied.
“Are you upset?” she asked.
“No, I’m not”
“Let me get you something to eat” she stood while Chester watched her with smiles on his face. After eating and having a lovely time with her, he gave her some money then departed.
Few days remaining for Kingsley to leave Nigeria and he thought of nobody but Linda who laid quietly in her room thinking about him too and how he miraculously saved her life. She tied only a wrapper across her chest and her hair looked scattered. Suddenly, her phone rang-Kingsley was calling.
“Hello, good evening, Kingsley?”
“How are you?”
“I’m fine..” they remained silent. Kingsley didn’t know how to tell her that he would soon leave Nigeria and of course, Linda noticed it but didn’t say a word too.
“Can i see you at the school premises next tomorrow by 5pm?” Kingsley requested.
“Because you will be leaving the following day, right?”
“Yes” he replied but Linda kept quiet. “Listen, don’t be sad, okay?” he added.
“No problem, bye” Linda replied and the line went dead.
As Linda and Kingsley were preparing to meet at the school premises, so as Mr Luster was on his way to the police station to release his daughter, Vivian. When he got there, Vivian was released for him. He could see her looking dirty and hungry. One could hardly recognize her. Without saying a word both entered into the car and drove home.
“Take your bath and eat something” the father said keeping his car key on the table.
“Thank you, Daddy” she replied with a low voice.
Few minutes later, after she took her bath and ate something. She walked quietly into the sittingroom where her father was watching a television programme. She stood at a distance rubbing her two palms together. When the father noticed her, he ask, “Why are you standing there?”
“Daddy, I’m sorry” she said but the father kept quiet. “I’m really sorry” she added.
“Vivian” the father sat up and turned down the volume of the television. “Where did you get the heart of taking another person’s life?! I’m still wondering!”
Just then Mrs Luster entered and was surprise to see Vivian. So she sat down silently listening to both of them.
“Daddy, i didn’t know what i was doing, please forgive me” Vivian replied.
“I still wonder if you are my daughter! It you were really formed in my scrotum”
Hearing that, the wife wore a disdainful look.
“You better change!” Mr Luster concluded. “As for the abroad, you are going nowhere again” he added and turned up the volume of the television. While Vivian turned back in tears to see her mother coming to meet her. She placed her hand on her shoulder then they went inside.
The school premises was lonely when Kingsley waited patiently for Linda. Suddenly, he saw her coming in a short red skirt and a white top with red designs on it. Then he smiled and hugged her when she finally came closer.
“You look beautiful” he said.
“Thank you, and you too”
“I know. You are leaving tomorrow” Linda interrupted.
“I’m so sorry, i promise not to forget you”
“Is okay, i wish you success”
“But will you forget me?”
“Mbanu, i dey craze? I will not forget you, dear?” she replied and they smiled then had a long kiss..

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