Alice looked at Tony and back to the
‘i’m sorry detective. I have a very
important information to give though
i’m not sure of it but it surely is
important and there’s no way i’m gonna
say it in the presence of Tony, so he
should excuse us’ Alice said.
‘are you out of your mind? This is my
daughter’s case we are talking about
here so if you sure as hell have any
important information to give you
better do that here. In my presence’
Tony fumed.
‘what stupidity!’ Alice snapped ‘are you
actually commanding me to give an
information thats gonna help YOUR
‘of course yes! You have no other
‘bullshit! Arrant nonsense. Infact i’m not
saying anything again. Come rain, come
‘insane woman! You had no
information to give so just shut up and
stop pretending and…….’
‘mr Tony,’ the detective cut in ‘with all
due respect, let the woman speak. For
all we know she might have a very
important information to give to us that
might help us track the culprit. So please
let her speak. Its for your own good’
‘abeg help me tell am oo’ Alice snapped.
‘you dont understand detective. Nothing
good comes from this woman. She is
nothing but a disaster. It was ever since
i met her that my life started turning
upside down. Strange things keep
happening, my daughter shot twice.
Attempts on my life. Enmity between me
and my daughter. She is bad luck. My life
has turn into shambles overnight. All
thanks to her!’ Tony said.
‘thats why i broke up with you in the
first place!’ Alice sobbed ‘because i didnt
want to cause enmity between your
daughter. I broke up with you because
of that. Do you know how hard it was
for me?’
Tony let out a humourless laughter ‘you
broke up with me and it was hard for
you and the next day you started dating
another man, kissing him. Wow wow
wow! This is surely gonna make the
Guiness Book Of Record. The only
person who was able to move on from
a heartbreak within hours’ he cleared
his throat ‘if really you broke up with
me before you started dating Gilbert the
next day, it shows you never really loved
me. True love never dies Alice. Even now,
as much as i hate it, i’m still in love with
you. So much i’m asking myself if i’ve
ran mad or something. Why on earth
would i love a gold digger? Its crazy but
i cant deny it, i still love you though i
have no plan of ever reconciling with
you. Not now, not ever’
‘but Maria said you never loved me. She
said it yesterday and i can still recall her
words vividly “my dad was just lonely
and needed a bed companion” you
never loved me Tony, stop lying’ Alice
said as tears choked her throat.
Tony laughed again ‘dimwit! Dont you
know Maria hates us being together?
Why on earth wont she cook up stories
just so we woud hate each other? I
never knew you were this stupid!’
With the way they were going, the
detective was sure that they had totally
forgotten him. He wanted to get their
attention back but sensed that there
was some foulplay here and the two
really needed to resolve their issues for
they still loved each other. It was glaring
for all to see. So he slipped away
‘really? Was Maria lying?’ Aice asked
‘lets forget about Maria here. Lets talk
about you and you bitchy self. Lets talk
about the baby. Truth is, i dont even
know the truth. You tell me you aborted
the pregnancy and the next day Gilbert
says he’s responsible for the pregnancy.
So since you are here, lets here the truth
from you. I want everything, i want a
real explanation from you. Why you
chose to double date? Lie to me that
you loved me? Made me propose to you
and tell the whole world know i’m
getting married and you ditched me?
Why did you choose to play with my
heart why?’
Amy smiled as she opened the door for
Gilbert ‘come in darling’
Gilbert forced a smile and went in. Then
Amy shut the door ‘darling, i missed
you, why havent you been taking my
calls?’ Amy asked.
Gilbert smiled inwardly and brought out
a gun ‘you’ve outlived your usefulness’
Amy screamed in fright ‘JESUS!’
Gilbert laughed ‘so you know that
name? How funny! You made a big
mistake jilting your fiance because i
never loved you. I used you and now
you are no longer useful so you have to
‘my God! Gilbert please dont do this. I
will do anything you want, please’
‘i’m so sorry darling, goodbye’ he
corked the gun and pulled the trigger.
He shot Amy twice on the chest and the
quiety left the house.
Getting into his car, he smiled ‘this is the
beginning of wickedness. Now, its time
i kill Kelvin. And Collins’ he laughed and
turned on the ignition

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