(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 39
All the students in Nigeria who were on scholarship had different date and countries they were gonna travel to. Luckily to Kingsley, he traveled the next day to a country other than London after having a lovely time with Linda at the school premises.
On the other hand, Tochi also prepared to her trip to Germany the following week. On that week, as she was getting ready, Chester drove to Wisdom’s house. The house was local but neat. He could see the windows and doors made of hard wood as he drew closer. He knocked at the door and waited patiently. When Wisdom opened it, they shouted surprisingly and embraced each other.
“What a surprise visit, bro!” Wisdom exclaimed. He wore a three quarter jean trouser and a white singlet which he tucked-in smartly.
“I planned to surprise you, bro” Chester replied smiling. They went into his room and the next thing he did was to laid on the bed regardless of its local quality then Wisdom stared at him.
“Bro, what is it?” Chester asked.
“Are you comfortable in that bed?” Wisdom replied.
“What is wrong with everybody?! Esther asked me the same question when i visited her. Now, you are asking me too. Come on, bro, I’m not that classic you know?”
Wisdom smiled and took a seat.
“I heard your babe is traveling to Germany” Chester said.
“How do you know?”
“Of course i will know. The news is all over they place. Though, Esther told me. I can’t believe the girl made it!”
“Tochi is very smart in learning” Wisdom began. “She grabs anything you teach her and put it to practice. Moreover, she had the zeal and passion to learn”
“Wow! She’s also lucky too, otherwise that girl you told me about would have killed her by now”
“You mean Vivian?”
“Yes, o-boy, some girls are heartless oh!”
“I become speechless whenever i remember it” Wisdom smiled bitterly. “Though, i believe by now she must have learnt her lessons”
“That’s right, bro”
They discussed as close friends for a while. Just as Chester wanted to leave they heard a knock at the door. Wisdom opened it and hugged the person.
“Wow, Tochi!” Chester exclaimed and looked at Wisdom. “You never told me she would be coming” he said.
“Good evening, Chester” Tochi greeted smiling and looking beautiful as she held Wisdom round the waist wearing a pair of leggings and a top. “How about Esther?” she added.
“She’s fantastic!” Chester replied and left after shaking hands with Wisdom as they went outside. While Tochi sat quietly alone in the room. When Wisdom entered and saw her looking worried then he sat beside her. He didn’t need a prophect to tell him the cause of her quietness.
“I know you are traveling tomorrow” he began with his hands on her shoulder. “I will miss you but your education matters most to me, okay?”
Tochi nodded her head positively and looked at him. “Should i be scared?” she asked.
“Of what?”
“Of losing you”
“Listen my love” Wisdom held her two cheeks. “You will never lose me, no matter what! Okay? Trust me, i love you so much”
“I love you too” they smiled and kissed each other for a long time to the extent they fell on the bed kissing and romancing.
“There is no way I’m gonna marry Maria, mum!” Chester yelled at his parents in the sittingroom. He had a shaved beards round his cheek down to his jaw. He wore an expensive black suit and shoes looking handsome.
“Son, listen to us..”
“I’m not gonna listen to you, mum!” he interrupted angrily and breathing heavily. “You chose a choice of institution for me which i obeyed and followed. Now, you want to choose a wife for me?! No, is not gonna happen!” he began to walk out with a car key jingling in his finger.
“Chester, come back here!” the father shouted.
“I’m sorry, Dad” his voice echoed at the door. He unlocked the car with a remote and entered angrily then Shehu, the gateman opened the gate immediately and he drove out.
Jennifer, Calista, Melody and Edwin all were on their youth service at different places in Nigeria. Jennifer went through a book as she laid on her bed looking more matured but never ceased to be beautiful. She wore a transparent pejamas which made her underwear visible. Suddenly, her phone rang.
“Hello, baby girl!!” Calsited shouted happily on the phone.
“Hmm, this one you sound happy tonight, what’s the secret?”
“Guess what!”
“James has proposed to me!!”
“Oh my God, I’m so happy for you!”
“Thanks, darling. I will give you a call tomorrow”
“Okay” Jennifer cut the call smiling. But she suddenly became sad staring at the ceiling because she wished to be like her but no man was coming her way. Then she tried so hard not to be jealous but finally did.
As Chester drove faster to Esther’s house after leaving the house, Maria, who was in her room before a laptop ran into the bathroom to vomit. She wore a bumshort and a handless top. She couldn’t tell how she felt but it was obvious that she was pregnant.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed in the bathroom..

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