Kelvin turned the beer into his glass cup
and drank it all. Turned another and
drank it all. Then ordered for another,
his thirteenth bottle.
This was what he did constantly now.
To be able to keep body and soul
together. To be able to forget Amaka,
his beautiful Amaka. To be able to stop
thinking of her.
The past three weeks had been hell for
him. It was very painful.
The only thing he could do was drink,
drink and drink.
His head hurts, but he didnt mind. He
just wanted to drink away his sorrow
and if possible, his life. He wondered
what he ever did to Amy to make her
break his heart.
He had promised her never to go back
to his life of crime. That he would start
up a genuine business and forget about
friends from the past and true to his
words, he severed ties with old friends
and quit the yahoo biz he was into
He hid it from Amy very well in the
beginning of their relationship till
almost the end. He lied to her that he
was working in an Oil company for
years of their relationship. He knew it
was wrong but he just didnt want to
lose her.
Amy hadnt known until….., he just didnt
understand it one bit. How she knew
remained a mystery to him. Maybe one
of the friends he severed ties with
snitched….no. He wasnt sure.
That day was his birthday, just a month
ago. Like every other birthdays, he didnt
want a party. He just wanted it to be
gone like every other day.
The highest he did was take Amy and
some of his friends out.
He was just going to invite Amy over
and make sweet love to her. That was
how he wanted to spend that birthday.
He had been expecting Amy and when
he she finally showed up, he knew all
was not well. The look on her face was
as if she wanted to strangle someone.
He had ushered her in and tried to kiss
her but she resisted. And immediately
he shut the door, she asked
‘Kelvin, what really are you?’
He was dumbfounded. What was she
saying? ‘i dont understand’
‘just tell me the truth. Are you the oil
worker you claim to be?’
He was stunned and for seconds he
couldnt regain his composure and
when he finally did, he replied
‘of….of…..course. I….i work in an oil
‘i dont believe you Kelvin besides, you
are stuttering’ Amy said and when he
kept quiet, she shook her head slowly
‘so you lied to me all this while Kelvin.
You made me believe you are an oil
worker when you are nothing but a
freaking fraudster!’
Kelvin froze for a full minute. Jesus! How
did it leak out? Was it a deal gone bad?
‘thats a lie!’ he said.
‘no its not. Its true’
‘who fed you this lie Amy? Do you
believe the person over me?’
‘a thousand times. Because my source
has no reason to be negative’
‘you can never be so sure Amy’
‘look Kelvin, you better tell me the truth.
Nothing but the truth because its only
the truth that can determine where our
relationship is headed’ Amy said.
Kelvin let out a heavy sigh. He knew Amy
hated lies. If you told Amy the truth, no
matter the gravity of your offence, she
always forgives you. So for that reason,
he wanted to come out clean. But what
if she doesnt forgive him this time? He
couldnt bear to lose her. She might
never forgive him. And at the same time,
if she found out from another person,
she might also never forgive him? So
what was he gonna do now? What was
he gonna say now?
As if reading his mind, Amy added ‘the
truth. Nothing but the truth can set you
free Kelvin’
That alone cleared all his doubts. He was
going to say the truth now.
‘Amy i….’ his voice trailed off ‘i’m sorry
i……’ he couldnt help but notice the look
of expectancy on Amy’s eyes. Almost as
if she wanted to hear a negative
answer. Almost as if she wanted to hear
that it was true. That he was a
fraudster. A 419ner.
‘i…i….’ he paused and regarded her for a
second time, not sure if it was time to
say the truth ‘its true. I’m a fraudster’
That was it. That sealed it. She had
walked away and the following week,
she was engaged to another. He had
promised. Promised to drop his life of
crime but she hadnt listened.
He staggered up and paid for his drinks,
then quietly left the bar. As he staggered
into his car he felt someone following
him but he wasnt sure.
As soon as he entered the car, someone
immediately joined him at the front seat.
He was scared at first until he saw the
guy, the silly stupid guy who stole his
one and only love away from him. He
wanted to kill him.
‘what are you doing here?’ he asked. He
didnt even remember the guy name. Oh
yeah, Gilbert!
Gilbert smied broadly showing off his
teeth in the dark night ‘i’m sorry guy but
i cant explain myself but for now, you
just have to die’
Before Kelvin coud blink twice, a dagger
was buried deep in his chest. The last
thing he heard was the guy deep
laughter, then the opening and closing
of the door

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