‘there’s no truth to tell Tony,’ Alice said.
She couldnt look him in the eye. ‘just
take everything as you see it’
Tony nodded, his anger dissipating. He
wasnt angry with her anymore.
Whatever reason she had for doing
what she did, he was going to respect it
and accept the fact that the both of
them couldnt work out.
He sighed ‘i miss my Maria. I’very lonely
now. All by my self. Whoever did this to
her will be killed by me, i swear’
Alice looked at him with sympathy in
her eyes.
‘i’m very sorry for what happened Tony.
However, i have something important to
tell you’
Tony looked at her ‘what is it?’
‘i..i….saw Maria at Gilbert’s house
yesterday and…..we talked. I really didnt
know who she came to look for
but…..but…..i cant…..okay, Abby,
something like that. Do you know her?’
‘yes, i know Abby. Maria’s best friend’
‘yes. I saw her there. She is Gilbert’s
‘really? Coincidence indeed’
‘yes. Then i left after a little chit chat
with Maria and she went back there.
You know Gilbert hates you. He might
try to harm her, you know…..’
‘for what reason?’
‘i……i’m sorry but i cant give you the full
details. Just, have Gilbert investigated. Its
for the good of Maria’
Tony wanted to say something but
decided against it.
Gilbert woke up feeling happy with
himself. He had killed two people
yesterday and he felt so satisfied. He
opened the curtains and stretched.
He felt like killing someone again. In the
past, he killed for a reason, mostly for
Alice but now, he just wanted to kill
everyone he wanted to. Anyone who
was going to get in his way or close to
someone who wants to get in his way
must die!
He was going to kill Alice, thats for sure
but he was saving her for the last. And
before he killed her, he was going to
make thorough love with to her, touch
everywhere touchable, kiss everywhere
kissable, then suffocate her with the
pillow. Oh! What a sweet revenge that
will be.
Now, he had no reason for killing Alice
he knew but she had brought out the
monster in him. He was doing things he
never thought he would ever do. If only
she had just loved him the way he loved
her even if it was just little, he would
never have turned out like this. He did
so many things just to get her. He
wanted to have her but now he wasnt
sure anymore.
If he still loved her, he wasnt sure. But
he knew he was lusting after her. No, he
didnt love her anymore. He just wanted
to taste her body, nothing more.
Then kidnap her and rape her, a voice
echoed in his mind.
No, he shook it off. That wont be fun at
all. He didnt want to end it that way. He
wanted blood to flow and heads to roll.
Just raping Alice wont solve anything.
Then an idea passed through his mind.
It was wicked. How on earth would s-x
with an old woman taste? He wanted to
experience it.
He immediately took his shower and
dressed up. He didnt wait for breakfast,
couldnt wait for breakfast. He headed
for Alice house.
‘lets see how her mother’s gonna taste!’
he laughed and called Collins.
To be continued

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