Episode 3
Cynthia look disturbed
Kola: how sure are you that, if we give you this money, you won’t ask for more again
The other guy talked “you have our word” believe us, we need the money to get out of this country’
Kola: (face me) Daniel can I see you and Cynthia outside
Me: I’m going nowhere, you guys can go and talk, I have nothing to lose guy, imagine, she used me
Kola: guy behave like a guy, I warned you before all this
Me: I know kola, go and see her and we will talk about it later
Cynthia: (she rose to her feet) leave him kola, he has said his mind, he truly has nothing to lose,
Me: yes, I know I will be free from all this, after this I don’t want to have anything to do with you again
Cynthia: before nko, rubbish guy
Guard: stop now she’s your cousin now, and she’s helping you Mr. Daniel (the guy no kuku no anything)
They both went out to talk, they came inside after some minute, kola brought the money, and he collected the two guys’ phone and delete the videos, they promise to delete the remaining one, we believe them and they left.
I saw her on Monday, she pretended as if she didn’t see me, she came to work to give the manger a file, cus she was on leave, she blocked me on whatsapp, I no care. I’m doing my thing. It was break time when she came, she saw me and kike talking, laughing.
Kola message me not to go home after work cus we have something to do before we go home, I called him back but he didn’t pick, I guess he is between his colleague. I waited for him after work, he came with Cynthia and the guard, the guard drive, I entered, I didn’t know where we are going, I asked them. They said I should be calm.
We got to one hotel, they packed outside, the hotel manager came to meet us,
Kola: Daniel, you know you didn’t ask me what I said I wanted to say, (pause) I came up with this idea, I gave Mr. ben(the guard) the work to trail those blackmailer, so this hotel is there hideout, they truly want to travel out according to MR Ben(paused) but before they go, we need to go there, cover our face with this mask (he pointed to the mask and gun), but don’t shoot please, the gun is just for protection in case they want to fight back
Me: (scared) ha, gun?
Cynthia didn’t talk, she was just looking at me, I also bone her
Guard: yes
Hotel manager: please don’t shoot o, if not for the money you gave me, I shouldn’t have allow such o, but money is powerful
We were in the midst of the discussion when we see kike walking into the hotel, it shows she is just coming from office
Me: kike?
Hotel manager: do you know her? she is part of them now
Cynthia: kola that will be the person that set camera, I will blow off her head

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