(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 40
Mr Henry’s house, Maria’s father was a storey building with a triangular roof that had a red zinc. Maria moved down the stairs that led to the sittingroom wearing a classic and expensive dress-a fairy red trouser and a top which hands dangled around her elbows. On her eyes were a pair of eyeglasses with a red vision. She occasionally slid her head to put her dangled hair in place as she moved down the stairs with a red bag in her arms. She quickly entered in a her car then drove off to a hospital.
On the other hand, Chester knocked at Esther’s door then she opened. Of course she knew what was going on between Maria, Chester and his parents so she didn’t show a sign of happiness when she opened the door for him.
“Good evening” she greeted and turned back to a cushion.
Without responding to the reluctant greeting, Chester quietly sat beside her and staring at her.
“What are you doing here?” Esther asked with a hand on her cheek looking away from him. She had a coiled black hair which some dangled around her face.
“Esther, you need to listen to me” Chester began. “You need to stand up for me. You and i know that we are meant to be together and…”
“But your parents don’t know that” Esther interrupted. “I think you should accept the woman they want for you”
“No, how can you think of such a think?! You are the one i love! Please, my sweetheart” he brought down his voice and knelt down. To Esther’s surprise, he brought out a ring and said, “Please, be my wife and i will always love you”
Esther slid her hair backwards and stood up staring at him in amazement. Just then, her mother came in. She stood at the door looking at them in such position but Chester didn’t care.
“Please, marry me” he added looking at Esther who glanced at her mother speechless then looked at the ring again.
“I’m sorry, Chester, i can’t compete with another woman” she ran inside her room and began to shed tears.
Chester was disappointed with his head bent downward, then Mrs Godwin gently help him up.
“You have to let her be for now my dear” she told him before Chester gently walked out.
With the excellent result made by Vivian, she gained admission in one of the best universities in Nigeria-university of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN) where Linda was also schooling.
Linda was regarded as the Sharon stone due to her rugged dressing and attitude. Of course she had been seeing Vivian but had nothing to do with her even when she had called her severally to make peace with her but she ignored her. She just came back from lectures with a gum in her mouth. As she wanted to undress her clothes, her phone rang then she picked it up.
“Hello, darling” she said smiling.
“How are you my love?” a male voice asked.
“I’m fine”
“Can we see tonight? I mean in my apartment”
“Uh.. Okay, i will be there” she cut the call and became quiet staring the door. She knew exactly that she was cheating on Kingsley which was the reason of her quietness. “I’m sorry, Kingsley” she murmured and activated the gum in her mouth again.
Maria sat before the doctor’s table anticipating to hear the outcome of her pregnancy test. She sat up when the doctor finally came in.
“Doctor, what’s the outcome of the test?” she asked curiously.
“Uh.. Miss Maria, your test proved positive. You are a month and two weeks pregnant” the doctor replied handing the result to her. She collected it surprisingly and drove straight to Chester’s house. On her way, she could remember the very guy that impregnated her a month ago then she glanced at the result again which was visibly seen in her bag. “I think i have a plan” she began to think. “I will seduce Chester in order to make him believe that he’s responsible for the pregnancy” she concluded and shuffled the pregnancy result into the inner part of her bag.
At the resident of Mr Silva, Maria drove in, she came out looking extremely beautiful as she walked into the sittingroom where Mrs Silva was sitting then she greeted and sat beside her like an angel.
“Mummy, is Chester around?” she asked in a low voice.
“Yes my dear, he’s in the room”
“Can i meet him there, please?”
“Of course you can! After all both of you will soon bee in one room” Mrs Silva replied and they giggled.
Chester laid in the bed with his face up thinking about the unexpected disappointment from Esther. He didn’t know what do or say then he adjusted bitterly and hissed. He wore only a trouser and a singlet. One could view his attractive beards from the door which Maria knocked and opened instantly.
“What are you doing here?!” Chester asked her in a hurry.
“I have come to see you” she replied moving towards the bed then Chester stood up standing before her.
“I want you to leave my room right now!” he shouted.
“Just relax” Maria wanted to romance him but he pushed her off.
“I said leave my room right…” Chester paused when she saw Maria stripped herself competently naked looking seductive..

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