Gilbert knew he had no reason for
raping Alice’s mum. He just wanted to
do it, and he did it. He smiled when he
recalled how the old woman cried and
begged not to be raped.
It wasnt pleasurable though, so he just
moved on to the heavily endowed, both
front and back househelp.
Collins, he frowned. The idiot was just
standing there, pleading on the behalf
of the old woman. That made him sick.
If he had known, he wouldnt have
taken him along. He wanted his friend
to enjoy too, enjoy the old woman but
he was a coward! He turned to look at
him sitting at the back seat.
‘you really f—-d up Collins, if you werent
my friend, i really should have killed you
there’ Gibert fumed.
‘and if you werent my friend, i would
have called the police immediately,
when you were still in the act!’
Gilbert laughed ‘fool! You are really
senseless Collins, i really dont know why
i have a friend like you’
‘senseless indeed! Senseless and i was
able to save your silly a-s from being
caught by the police!’
‘dont you start reminding me of all the
things you’ve done for me Collins’ Gilbert
said, trying hard to focus on the road
‘dont make me kill you here right now’
‘what you did was wrong. Wait a
minute, i thought you did all you’ve
been doing since because you loved
Alice and because you wanted her to
see no one else but you!’
Gilbert laughed again ‘i dont love Alice
‘you heard me. I dont feel anything for
that b—h any longer’
‘i really dont understand’
‘thats your biz, not mine’
‘if you dont love her, then why are you
doing all of these things?’
‘reasons best known to me’
Collins regarded the monster he called
his friend for a while, then he cleared
his throat ‘you shot Maria yesterday
‘yes i did’ Gilbert replied nonchalantly.
‘do you know she’s in coma?’
Gilbert nearly lost control of the
steering, then he parked by the
roadside, sweating profusely.
‘she’s alive?’ he asked.
‘of course, she is. She’s just in coma’
‘no. That cant be possible. She cant
possibly be alive. Its going to spell doom
for me. Collins, you’ve got to help me.
Even if its the last time’ Gilbert said.
‘no more dirty jobs Gilbert. I’m not
helping you any longer. Not when its a
criminal act’
‘please Collins, i beg you in the name of
God, i…….’
‘God? You know God Gilbert? So after all
the atrocities you’ve committed, you
know who God is?’

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