(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 41
Chester could see a fairy hair down Maria’s pubic part and her breast standing upright. No man would have resisted the attractive body. He gradually brought down his hand as she seductively walked towards him biting her lips gently. She began to romance him making sure her breast touches his chest which increased his heartbeat.
“What are you doing?” Chester asked.
“I love you so much, please, show me that you love me too” she kissed him and grabbed his dick through his trouser which was already erect, ready to function.
Meanwhile, in the sittingroom where Maria left her bag beside Mrs Silva, her phone began to ring inside it. Mrs Silva quickly put her hand inside the bag in order to bring out the phone and finally take it to Maria. But in the process, the phone came out with the pregnancy result then she kept the phone aside which stopped ringing immediately. She read the paper severally but couldn’t believe her eyes. She tood up immediately still looking at the result as she walked to Chester’s room. However, Chester had not succumbed to Maria’s seductiveness. He quickly pushed her off then Mrs Silva opened the room and saw her naked.
“What is going on here?!” she shouted then Maria covered herself.
“Nothing is going on, mum. She started it! She wanted to seduce me!”
“Maria is that true?” Mrs Silva asked her. “By the way, i mistakenly found this in your bag. Can you explain it?”
“What’s that, mum?” Chester quickly flung the paper from her and began to read it. “A month and two weeks pregnant?!” he shouted looking at Maria who was already shivering and covering her nakedness. “Mum, I’m not responsible for this!”
“Then who is?”
“Ask her!”
“Maria, who’s responsible for your pregnancy” Mrs Silva asked but she kept quiet. “I should have known. I’m so disappointed in you! Now get out of my house! Out!!”
They watched Maria dressed up before she finally left the house in shame. Before that, Chester threw the paper on her face then stood close to his mum.
“This is what i have been saying!” he shouted angrily.
“I’m sorry, son” the mother concluded.
Linda dressed up looking beautiful to meet her boyfriend as she promised. Just outside, Vivian came around. She wore a short skirt and top which matched the colour of her footwear.
“Please, listen to me. You have been avoiding me for years now. Please, I’m sorry. I am a changed person now. I beg of you!”
Linda ignored her moving forward but she grabbed her by the hand.
“What is it nah?! Leave me alone!” Linda shouted.
“I’m only begging for forgive”
“Fine, i have forgiven you. But i don’t want to associate myself with you”
“Okay, thank you” she replied with a low voice and bent her head down. “But what about Tochi? I want to beg her too” she raised her head up but Linda had already gone far. Though, she heard her but decided not to respond.
At her boyfriend’s apartment, she sat down quietly on the hard bed with her hands placed on her thighs. Suddenly, the guy came in with a plate of food and drinks. He wore a singlet and a short. One could see hair from his thighs down his legs. He placed the food on the table then sat beside Linda and held her on the shoulder.
“You are quiet, what’s troubling you?” he asked.
“Nothing” Linda replied.
“Then let’s eat something”
“Okay” she stood up walking towards the table then followed by Sam, the boyfriend.
Few minutes later, both were found in the bed romancing each other. Sam gently took off her clothes and began to suck her breast which erected immediately. He finally went down and pulled her pant. He could feel her clitoris hard and vagina wet as he inserted his finger gently into it then Linda let out a scream. She could feel his hard dick on her thighs getting ready to perform. Few minutes later, she finally felt the dick into her vagina for the third time then she screamed holding him across the waist..
Vivian sat near Linda’s apartment refusing to go home. She was really sorry for her past actions. One could see her looking very sad with her thighs closed and her hands on it. When she thought of her friends who abandoned her because of her past actions, she began to weep bitterly. One could sense that she was really lonely. Few minutes later, as she shed tears, Linda returned. She glanced at her then ignored her again. But she eventually came back and sat beside her without saying a word when her tears touched her heart.
“Hi” she said.
“Hi” Vivian replied and cleaned her tears. “I’m so lonely remembering how my friends left me” she added.
“I know how you feel, is okay” she placed her hand on her shoulder. “Even if i didn’t learn any other thing from Tochi, i learnt how to forgive, so you are still my friend, okay?” she added.
“Thank you very much” Vivian replied and placed her head on her shoulder in tears. “Please, i want to talk to Tochi” she requested and immediately Linda’s phone rang-Tochi was calling..

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