Alice opened the door and got the
shock of life. Angela was stark naked
crying, trying to wake her mother who
was also stark naked lying on the floor,
looking lifeless.
‘Angela! What happened what
happened to my mother?’
‘i dont know,’ Angela cried ‘i dont know
if she’s still alive Alice i dont know’
‘what happened?’ Alice asked assisting
Angela in raising Kofo up ‘lets take her
to the hospital. Get dressed and……why
are the both of you stark naked?’
Suspicion glowed in her eyes and one
look at her, Angela knew what she was
‘no, no Alice! Its not what you think,’ she
said reaching for her gown which was
flung far away by that demon of a man
‘we were raped!’
Alice drew back in shock ‘you say
‘we were raped. I was in the kitchen
cooking when the door bell rang. I ran
out to open the door thinking it was
you and…..’ she sobbed ‘two guys. I
couldnt recognise the face of the guy
who raped me and your mother but i
recognise the other guy’s face. Though
he didnt do anything, he tried stopping
the other guy from raping us but the
guy refused! He raped i and your
mother and your mother passed out. I
tried waking her up but all my efforts
were futile’
Alice couldnt believe her ears ‘who on
earth would want to rape an old
unattractive woman. It sounds
ridiculous to my hearing’
‘its the truth Alice, i swear’
‘get me water, let me sprinkle it on her.
If she doesnt wake up, then you have to
give that explanation again. But not to
me and not here. But to the judge in the
court of law!’
‘shi.t!’ Gilbert cursed and tried starting
the car again. It still didnt respond.
The angry looking guys were nearer
now. He didnt know what to do. Didnt
know why this stupid toyota camry
decided to get faulty at this time. There
was no way escaping these guys. Oh!
He wished he had the power to
disappear or something. He made a
promise to himself that if he survives
this, he was going to pay a visit to the
most powerful witch doctor in his
village. So he could easily kill and destroy
without stress. And he might just get a
love charm for Alice.
‘my God, please save me, dont let me die
oh God’ Gilbert said as he tried turning
on the ignition again, e no gree
work…..god! He felt like dying now. Was
this how he was going to die? What of
Abby? Who would take care of her
He wished he had taken her to see his
parents, her grandparents, at least he
would die knowing that she would have
someone to turn to.
But ever since he left the house with
little Abby several years ago, he had cut
off all connections with his parents
since they had rejected the innocent
soul simply because she was unwanted.
Now Abby didnt even know where her
grandparents are, nor his sisters, her
aunts. Gosh! He regretted cutting off all
connections with his family now.
He lived for Abby alone, and maybe Alice
who he wasnt sure of his feelings for
Abby was the only one he truly, really
loved. She was his only family. His wife,
his sister, his mother, his father, his
niece, his aunt, his nephew, everything
he could think of.
He didnt want to die now, because he
knew that if he died, there would be no
one to take care of her. He might be a
demon, but he’s got a soft heart
wherever it concerns Abby.
He must survive! No, this people wont
catch him never

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