Having mentioned Lee to Michelle in the past about how dishy he was, she suggested it sounded like he might like more than his tea the next time he came round. A whole new world lies at your feet darling flirting with your man’s best man, make him think he is seducing you, it is so S*xy, rings
Total slut or what! I was enjoying myself; it is nice to know somebody likes you and the more the better I was beginning to find. I had joked with Michelle about how perceptions change and once I had liked how Mike bored the pants off me. Now he sat to my right, his genitals locked into his chastity device, the key of which hung from a pretty silver necklace around my neck in our female led relationship. Lee was sitting opposite to me as I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times; clearly unable to fully concentrate on the football he had come to see. Short skirt, stockings and with no pants to bore off me he was getting some show.

Michelle suggested it was time for me to take full charge; FLRs are so much more fun. Intercourse is there to be enjoyed, where the Pu**y is analogous to the nozzle used for inflight refuelling of fighter jets. Once the Pu**y makes contact with the probe it should S**k the probe in to itself. S*x is so much more pleasurable than Mike’s thrusting with mostly a feeling of friction and fullness. When the friction began it was usually a bit startlingly harsh, like “oh! Maybe this a little bit unpleasant and I wonder if it is possible to get rug burns from a penis”. But every now and again the sensation built into unbelievable pleasure within a few moments. The rocking and friction would give me a warm sensation throughout the whole of my pelvis and we had two kids to show for all my suffering. When I didn’t orgasm, then pleasure disappeared and it became all about friction again. Michelle used her strap on to demonstrate to me just how pleasurable S*x could be and I was smitten with desire. I had to take charge of the situation she told me and be in command, plenty of lubrication helps and build up the excitement within you.

Having mentioned Lee to Michelle in the past about how dishy he was, she suggested it sounded like he might like more than his tea the next time he came round. A whole new world lies at your feet darling flirting with your man’s best man, make him think he is seducing you, it is so S*xy, you’ll love it she told me. You have to understand Mandy men penetrate and women get themselves penetrated. Women have to essentially offer themselves by presenting their most vulnerable parts of their anatomy for full view to a man for the man to invade their body.

Now I sat reading Good Housekeeping doing just that with Lee as the boys watched the football on the television. It says here, referring to a non-existent article, sixty seven per cent of men admit to having intercourse with married women, while only twenty eight percent of married women claim to have intercourse with men other than their husbands. Can you believe that I asked Lee, that some women must put themselves about so much? I suppose there must be something in it he replied, obviously not a Good Housekeeping reader. I looked over at Mike, I don’t know if that will ever happen to me with Michael around, his lack of response said everything. I slowly re-crossed my legs and looked deeply into Lee’s blue eyes.

The loss of personal integrity to another man apart from Mike, are you looking forward to another man invading your body? Michelle asked me as I revealed my plan to her. Not really I replied, never thought it would happen, so I’ve never really gone through any period of anticipation of the act. Pulling my knees back and spreading my thighs wide or bending over to make my vulnerable parts protrude are pure acts of submission. Kind of like saying “I submit myself to you”. I’ve never been strong enough to feel a bit helpless although I am getting butterflies thinking about it now.

Now the moment had arrived, butterflies of anticipation and fear gripped me. I couldn’t wait as my feelings transposed into S*xual arousal for me and I dearly hoped Lee was not missing my multiple signals. A fantastic sense of anticipation, of thrill and excitement prevailed over me. I turned to Mike again. I think I heard Lauren just now, would like you to read a bedtime story to her; you can go to bed when you’re finished as expect Lee will more than happy to see me to bed. I flicked over a page of my magazine careful not to damage my fresh gel extensions in a bright scarlet, matching of course my lipstick. I gave a glimpse of tongue for Lee but avoided any eye contact.

After I met Michelle she taught me how to take control of the situation. Now I have Mike exactly where I want him, things have looked up. He was always a complaint soul, I made all the decisions including the one to marry him in the first place. On friction when I said enough was enough, and then enough it was. I suppose I have always liked my own way and I soon discovered how amenable Mike really was to being under control. So now he was my cuckold husband. Mike got up straight away wished us both goodnight and went upstairs leaving the two of us together. I thought if this Lee is any good he might give my Mike a masterclass in how to make love to a woman. Lee smiled and I wondered if he was reading my mind, looking into those lovely blue eyes, seductively I uncrossed my legs and put my left leg over my right to make sure

I was already beginning to feel wet and for the first time slightly vulnerable as I got up crossed in front of the television, turned by back to Lee and bent forward and down to replace Good Housekeeping with Vogue magazine making sure he got a close up view of my stocking tops, in case he had missed it. I sashayed over to his chair and sat on the arm letting my skirt ride up, which ones are Liverpool I asked. I took out my pony tail and shook my long hair free over him and turned to my magazine. As I turned the pages his hand came onto my knee and I continued to pretend to read. My Pu**y now aroused I made myself more comfortable on the arm and his hand now gently stroked my thigh.

I ruffled his hair with my left hand, would you like some more beer I sweetly asked. Well, yes, but you know what I would really like. I got up and sashayed through to the kitchen, no, what would you like? I said as I left the room. I did hear exactly what he wanted, but decided to get him to tell me all over again when I came back with the beer and sat on the arm once again. He was so sweet about how pretty I was and how stunning I had looked in my wedding dress four years before. I feigned shock at his suggestion and gave him a coy look, but didn’t say no. With his hand once more on my thigh I dismissed the idea with I thought you were watching the football and as we know men are incapable of multitasking. Perhaps when the football was over and I have your full attention I might be amenable to a kiss or two, as my two kids and Michael were upstairs, my heart was pounding. I needed him to reject my protestations. He looked a little crestfallen, time for positive stroking. Silly boy I said as I ruffled his hair again and went back to my magazine. The hand found my thigh once more and began to explore my legs more fully. Excellent I thought as I started to flick through the pages of Vogue.

I could feel my blood pumping all around my Pu**y and making me very aroused as his fingers reached under my skirt over my stocking tops. Then he backed off a little leaving me slightly worried and frustrated. I had no need to worry, moments later his hand returned to my thighs and this time reached all the way to the top of my legs bringing me to a point where all I can think about is how much I want to feel him sliding into me. His right arm had now come around my hips, the hand exploring other parts of my body; it was hard to concentrate on pretending to read my magazine. I was becoming too hot, it was nearly half time; I put my magazine down and asked him if he would like a cup of coffee. No, just you he said, which I laughed off with a smile. Full sashay exit.

It worked beautifully, as I reached up for the coffee his arms gently came around my waist and his face snuggled into my neck affectionately. He nibbled my pierced ears as I put the coffee in the cups. His hands fell over my hips; his finger found its way to my naked Pu**y as he licked my ear. His finger felt so moist against my Pu**y, had he licked it or was it me. I was motionless as he played with my clitoris and I could see him lick his finger occasionally and then come back to my ear. You taste lovely he said, what do you think? His finger came up towards my mouth and I opened wide and took it in. I S**ked for a few seconds not sure if I did taste him or me. This time the finger penetrated my Pu**y slightly for a short time before he teased me once more by withdrawing it. The kettle had long since boiled and I moved with the cups to the kettle. His arms around me the whole time as he followed, he was now playing with my breasts as I poured two cups of coffee. He whispered in my ear, “When I saw you in the wedding dress you looked so innocent, not the slut I have with me now”. I let it ride, if he turned out to be any good I might let him F**k me again. So far so good as they say in the film. “I can still fit into the dress you know” as I rubbed against him. Lee clearly knew his way around women as he delicately unfastened my bra with one hand and little effort, then slipped both hands inside my blouse to caress my newly freed boobs as he rubbed his aroused penis against by bottom. If my nipples were already at attention long before he got there and maybe they told him I was ready for him.

Suddenly he whipped me around and bent me face first over the kitchen table his hand pushing my face into the table, his feet kicking my feet slightly apart. Still with my face forced onto the table top, his other hand was busy lifting my skirt to waist height and he undid his zipper. Then he teased the entrance of my Pu**y with the head of his D**k. He was so long I told him he would miss the start of the second half, he should shag me now and not miss any goals. He said would catch the replays as his goal right now was to shag the arse off me, as he continued to tease my Pu**y with his penis. I did a couple of half- hearted noes which cut no ice. He could watch the highlights later when Sueness or whatever over analysed the game. He continued to tease me, preparing my Pu**y really well for the first penetration I was ever craving for. He teased the entrance of my Pu**y with the head of his D**k really well. Perhaps he was right with slut! He made me so wet and vulnerable, and was leaving penetration until he decided the moment had arrived. I felt able to abandon myself completely to him. He is started to push deeper and deeper inside of me ever so slowly. I felt no friction at all for the first time and the feeling is amazing. When he pushed the whole way I felt at last the complete woman. When the orgasm finally arrived I shivered with its intensity. Whow! I thought as he continued to his climax the filling sensation accompanied by a desire to be possessed and I could feel the head twitching and his ejaculation. I felt the ejaculate lying inside me and warmly leaking afterwards.

Michelle was right women do respond positively to a man’s ability and strength to dominate them. They seem to enjoy being ravished by a strong male as long as they feel safe in his arms. Despite his obvious strength I still comfortable as this was what I wanted. She had broadened my horizons considerably and while I don’t share her lifestyle exactly, I have learnt from her how take control of my S*x life and what a difference. She has taught me how to seduce a man and actually bring him under my control. I married Mike the man and wore his ring, but now he is under my control. He didn’t wear any ring until last summer, but now wears my cage around his penis and my ring on his finger. Like many Frenchwoman I had taken a lover and may take another as I wish.

Now I knew what a cervical orgasm was, I have never experienced such emotion before and as I lay on the table delighted as he withdrew and wiped himself clean on me. My face still pinned to the table. The fondling before had been mind blowing. I was as they like to say, gasping for it, a slut! I wanted more and I was surprised how much I liked being dominated by his strength, even though I had set him up for it. Somehow I was still in control despite his physical presence. I was almost dominating his every action. Lee had gone back through to the sitting room. Like a hen that has just been seen to by the cockerel I straightened out my skirt and hair. Took my sleeveless blouse off, removed my bra and put the blouse back on, straightened it out made two fresh cups of coffee.

Full sashay, I kicked my heels off before I tucked my feet under me and snuggled in beside Lee on the settee. F**k Liverpool, he was going to F**k me again before the second half was over. I placed his hand on my br**st and resolved to have him take me in my wedding dress next time, something Mike had disappointingly failed to do four years before

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