mummy timi left my room now u felt the guilt in my that i fucked a married woman with kid am now becoming a bad boy i was still in thought on my bed.i slept off
the next day i got up prepared to go out as i saw sunday emma and joseph in my door step

me:una dey crazz ooo where have you all been to?
sunday:abeg comot for door jor make we enter
me:ok now you are in where did you go
sunday:we go work for lagos you know say we must hustle na
me:hnn i called all your lines but switched off i think say una don die oo
emma:you go die see him mouth
joseph:hahahahahahaha leave am shebi na him put knife for our neck
me:ok so whats up now? una go don carry planty money come
sunday:hmmm we get issue wey we wan follow you discuss so make you listen carefully
me:(adjust myself)am listening
sunday:you know we are living together
me:yes we are
sunday:we are thanking you from our heart the support you gave to us though we contributes little money for house rent but still yet you are the boss here so now we have gathered some money and everybody is ready to splint

me:wait i dont understand you.you mean you guy wanna leave me here
sunday:you now we cant live together forever
emma:yes we will definately depart one day
joseph:sure we will
********************************(SAD MOMMENT)******************************
sunday:as for me i have anough money to rent a room my self but emma and joseph will rent a room together
me:wait guys this is leading somewhere have i offended you guys because this looks like you all planned for me
joseph:no we didnot you are our best friend we are all best friends but you know we have to depart someday
me:(sad)hmmmm so you guys will be leaving me here alone
sunday:dont worry we will check on you and you will also check on us life will continue bro
me:ok na it is well then.
now am leaving alone i had no company i just lay low and i continued my daily basis.
One monday morning i was preparing to go out and look for a job cos i just dont like my current job i deliver goods and services for about 12companies illegally but i cant be arrested cos its not something worth being arrested. i comb my hair in a facial way as i was about walking out of my room i saw sarah and a girl behind her very beautiful fresh and sparking awesome my eyes was glowing like crystal as i ushered them in
me:oh!! sarah!!! what a surprise you didnt tell me you will be coming here today
sarah:yeah or dont you want me to come today
me:well i was about going out but it can wait since you are here
sarah:alright well dan this is bukky and bukky this dan my sweetheart
bukky gazed on me as i also looked at her she smiled and stretch her hand forth to shake hands with me then i returned the hand shake
me:nice meeting you bae
bukky:its my pleasure dan
me:wow so what can i offer you both
sarah:well anything
me:ok what about a drink would that be nice
bukky:sure perfect drink is ok for me
sarah:yeah its cute
me:ok brb in a jiffy
i got to where i kept my money ontop my disk player i drew out the whole money about 6k i took 1k out then i went out to buy them the drink i came back i saw them disscussing so i gave them the drink.
me:sarah i believe you have something to say since you came with your friend
sarah:yeah she wanted to meet you cos i normally tell them about you
me:???(SHOCK)!!! who are them
sarah:lol my friends of course
bukky:well she didnt say bad about you we believe she finds comfort around you so i decided to see such a caring boo she got
me:hahahahhahahaaha you girls are teasing me she is my bae and i have to take care of her
sarah:i need to relax before i get going
me:are you not staying the night here
me:oh its ok you have to go today
i left the house for them to a friends house across the street for about 6hours before my phone starts to ring its definately sarah again
sarah:where have you been
me:am close by
sarah:come home am about to go now
Finally they Both left. We all pass out of School now my journey just began its been a month I have No standard job I just continue running errand for some sort of co-orperation and they Pay me cash I just don’t understand the work Am also Doing I just know I deliver package from company to Hotel
6:45pm in Evening time
**********[ phone ringing ]********
Me:Hello Who is on the line
Leo:hey boy meet me at trem Hotel in 1hour
Me:Ok boss
I dressed up as I dashed out of my room took a cab straight to trem Hotel I looked around as I spot him in one corner he dressed in suit and he has this black sun shade speck on his face for the first time I met leo all he do is to call and Send me to some sort of hotels and sometimes to rich men house.I got closer to him he signals to me so I will know its definately him I sat in front of him as he began.
*** ***
leo:dan this is your first time we are talking one on one its geting to a stage where you will get to enter into my business and I have a lot of money for you
Me:sir What kind of business is that
Leo:its a cover package
Me:hmm Hope its not illegal business
As I said something illegal business I saw about 4men in suit from different angle one of them took his suit up I saw a black shining gun under the suit as I looked around I now realized that leo was not alone leo raised his hand up to signal those guys sharply those guys compose anf act as if they are not partners now my heart beat was in bad shape
Leo:now the money for you is 20million
Leo:shiiiii stop the noise
Me:Ok boss
Leo:are you in Or out
I know if I said Am out that means they will definately kill me TBC…

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