Episode 29…
Me: ***surprised and annoyed*** are you mad??? Who are you trying to set up again???

Opeyemi: ***crying profusely and sobbing*** I am not setting you up. That night we had S£x. You never told me the condom was tore. I got to know after a month. Please don’t kill your kid. I am begging you jerry.

Me: ***I quickly remembered that truly condom tore that night, but this could also be another set up*** you dey crazy. Tell me the person that joined hands with you to set me up.

As she was about to open her mouth. We heard somebody trying to open a particular door inside the building and she said;

Opeyemi: ***used her hand to hold her head*** ooooooph!!! He is here as well…. I am finished if he hear this.

Me: ***screaming** hear what??? Who is he??? Tell me now???

Opeyemi: eeeeehmm eeeehhmm…. I… i… i…

Me: ***screaming*** you do what???

Opeyemi: ***pleading*** please, let me explain…

Me: oya… start explain it to me now in a way that will calm my nerve, otherwise I will throw your kid down stair now.***threaten to drop the kid***

Opeyemi:***pleading*** haaaa… jerry, you can’t kill your kid.

Me: my kid??? You are a bitch!!! This prank won’t work on me again.

Racheal:***explaining… while still sobbing*** he said… he said… he said…(stammering)

Me: ***screaming*** he said what?? Who said something to you?? Who are those people you teamed up to send me to jail and threatened to kill snakie.

Opeyemi:***sobbing*** not me. Haaaa…. Talk of devil. Snakie is eeehmm… he is… **clearing the throat*** he said you lied against him and asked me to help him take his revenge.

Racheal: ***interrupting*** look here lady. Start talking now, otherwise you will blame yourself…

Me:***shouting*** who said that?

Opeyemi:***folding her head with her palms*** eeeehhmm… and I said I don’t want to do it oooo…

Again, we heard somebody trying to open a particular door and while the kid I held with my hand still crying and opeyemi is sobbing while rolling on ground. I then told racheal to check out the person who is making a move in the nest apartment. It could be that gateman. But with my thinking, the gateman was very far away from the building. He won’t hear our threatening. Then who could that be???

Me: ***turned to racheal*** can you check that person out???

Racheal:***nodding*** ok!!!

She opened the door and close it back, left me, opeyemi and kid inside. I continuing with my threaten to let opeyemi reveal those who behind the set up and why they want me jail and as well want snakie to die.

Me:***frank*** I will make you pay for your debt. You will rot in jail just like you want me. But before that, I will make you lose everything that has value in your life too.

Opeyemi:***sobbing and rolling on the ground*** do anything you want for me. I deserve to die. I did something that worth dying for. But don’t kill our kid, please!!!

Me:**socked*** our what???

Opeyemi: ***pleading*** he is you kid, I swear. My husband must not hear this as well because I didn’t tell him. But he is your kid. Please drop my child from there, I take god beg you.

Me: ***shouting*** are you mad?? He is who’s kid???

Opeyemi:***he is your kid. You didn’t tell me the condom boosted that night. I gotto know a month later, but I couldn’t talk about it to my honey. He didn’t know till this moment, now I am ruined!!!

Me:*** my kid??? I looked at the kid’s face, Eeeeeh wahala dey… I dropped the kid on the floor*** your honey abi? You partner in crime abi? Who is your honey and where is he?

Opeyemi:***scared*** he is… he is… yourrrrr friendddddd…

Me:***screaming***whahhhhtttttt?? my friend? Who is that?

Then, I heard racheal screamed form the next floor like she was hit on the head and her voice was trailing off. My pulmonary artery stopped working all of sudden and blood stopped flowing for period. I knew I done enter another one chances. I knew those consortiums have got their hands on racheal.

Eeeeeeeeehhhhhh…. How will I escape this???

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