28 Salvation Road Episode 12
When Noel shouted ‘ guys wetin una wan drink , I don hammer ’ I thought he was joking or playing one of his stupid pranks until I heard femi celebrating with him, Chuks and I immediately joined them in the sitting room , I collected his tickets and went through the games he placed his bet on and yeah , it was true , my guy was 100 k richer , it was not like the money was much to us but then , we were just happy to know that God ’ s favor hasn’ t left us , we were still celebrating when we hard a knock on the door , I went and opened the door and Juliet and Sandra were in front of me , when the hell did these bitches return ? And looks they did not gain anything from where they went to because they were not smiling at all, sandra told me to call Noel and I obeyed and called the richest dude in the house right then …
I was in the room with Mekus talking about some past experiences that we both shared , we talked about some old guys that we both grew up with , we were still on it when we heard Noel shouting saying something about what we wanted to drink that he has hammered, we initially thought he was joking but when we heard Femi celebrating with him, we had to go and see for ourselves , we joined them in the parlor and Mekus collected the ticket from him and checked the scores of all the games he placed his bet on and truly , the dude was a hundred thousand naira richer , we were still celebrating when someone knocked on the door and Mekus went to check was there , some two girls were standing in front of the door , they were beautiful in their own rite, one was dark and the other fair , they both had piercings on their body , they requested to talk to Noel and he went to them immediately Mekus told him that sandra and juliet were at the door
I was surprised to see sandra, she never told me they were coming today, I tried to hug her but she said she heard me shouting that I don hammer, that was the reason she came so I could give her the money I was owing her before she traveled , I tried playing her telling her we were just playing around but she would not have it , I then told her that I would settle her the next day when I go and cash the money and she reluctantly agreed . I went to collect my money from the bet shop the next day, I sent ten thousand to my younger brother in UNIBEN, paid fifty thousand into my account and took the remaining forty thousand home , I counted ten thousand into my jean pocket and kept the remaining thirty in my wallet, I went straight to the back flat and luckily for me , sandra was home alone, I counted her seven thousand and handed it to her , I gave her three thousand as a way of thanking her for lending me the money, she soon began to get all comfortable with me , she started telling me of how she missed my dick while she was away , I knew she was just saying it because of the money but I wasn’ t gonna throw such a wonderful opportunity to fuck her .
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She was sitting close to me , so I held her hands telling how I missed her too, she soon started loosening my belt and before I knew what was happening, my dick was going in and out of her mouth , the blow job was out of this world , I could swear I saw my dead grandmother , i nearly poured inside her mouth but I controlled my self , she then climbed on me after some more minutes of mouth action, like the sensation from the blow job was not enough , this girl rode me to every location I dream of going, the way her boobs bounced up and down as she went up and down my dick was out of this world and when I finally came, I was beyond satisfied . After that mind blowing sex with sandra , I went to my flat and informed my guys that I will be taking them to the bar , let’ s go drink our minds out, I said and they all hailed me …

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