‘oga, good afternoon,’ Rhoda greeted as
Tony entered the house.
‘thank you’ Tony replied weakly as he
cast another glance at Rhoda.
There was something different about
her, she looked absolutely different
from her normal self.
He scanned her face and saw she was
wearing make up today. She was
wearing low cut singlet which ended at
her navel, then a transparent white bum
short which ended just after her
buttocks. She wasnt wearing panties
leaving her bown a-s in full view.
Tony was irritated. When did this start?
Why was she dressing like a prostitute
on her way out to work? The Rhoda he
knew was decent and very concious of
her dressing.
‘get me my lunch’ Tony said, forcing
himself to stop looking at her b—–s
which were in full view save for her
‘yes sir’ Rhoda replied.
Tony thought she said it seductively and
then winked at him but he dismissed
the thought. He was imagining things.
‘and change into a more decent cloth. I
dont like this’
Rhoda looked down in embarrasment,
before nodding her head and left
The way Rhoda swayed her hips got
him turned on. He thought of grabbing
her and kissing her but he dismissed it.
There was no way, he, Tony Brown will
stoop so low as to sleep with his maid,
no way!
The door bell rang and he started. Who
could it be? He wasnt expecting anyone.
Maybe it was Alice or one of Maria’s
He lazily stood up and opened the door.
He was speechless for a while.
‘Ximena Valdez?’
‘yes its me. Long time no see honeypie’
The tall blonde said with a wide smile.
Holy s–t! Tony cursed.
Then forced an uneasy smile ‘its such a
very long time Valdez’
‘wont you at least give me a hug?’
Ximena asked and when Tony hesitated
for a while, she spoke again ‘its okay, i
understand. We didnt part on very good
terms’ a frown creased her brows and
Tony smiled.
‘come in Valdez’
She smiled and went inside ‘wow! What
a luxirious house you have here
honeypie, i love it’
‘thank you Valdez. Uhm, you may have a
‘i’d prefer if you call me Ximena or
Ximmy. Remember, you…..’
‘i’d rather call you Ximena’ Tony said
A smile of disappoinment appeared on
her face, then she sat down.
‘what do i offer you Val….Ximena?’
‘dont you maids around the house?’
‘uhm, i do. What do i offer you?’
‘you know what i like honeypie, dont
‘uhm you see, i’d rather you call
me….you know Tony. No honeypie
whatsoever please’
Ximena looked down at her toes, feeling
bad, ‘i cant even call you honeypie?’
‘i’m sorry but that era has passed
‘yeah right, you forgotten all about me’
‘i’m very sorry’
‘its alright,’ she forced a smile ‘its only
logical that you’ve forgotten about me. I
mean its been 20years. And, though you
havent changed one bit, things can
never be the same any longer. I know
‘thanks for your understanding Ximena’
‘why do i get the feeling that you are
not happy to see me honey…..Tony?’
Ximena asked smiling.
Tony smiled too ‘how can you say that.
Its the first time i’m seeing you in 20
years so why on earth wont i be happy
seeing you? When did you come in the
Ximena grinned from ear to ear ‘i’m
coming from the airport’
‘really? Wow, impressive’
‘actually, i visited Nigeria because of you.
Just to see you, because i missed you. I
mean, the friendship we used to share’
‘hmm, nice. So are you married now?’
‘uh?’ she wasnt expecting that ‘hell not.
I mean, i’m….i’m a widow’
‘my God! I’m so sorry now Ximena’
Ximena chuckled ‘no need to be sorry,
seven years is gone already. So where
are your wife and kids?’
‘my….my wife is late. And i have just one
‘oh my! How come we both lost our
partners? Fate really is on our side’
‘have you any kids?’
‘not really. Fabian and i never really had
kids till he died’
‘oh. So how’s Mexico?’
‘Mexico is really nice. Way better than
Tony laughed ‘oh please! You are just
trying to promote your country. If its
better, then why are you here?’
‘i’m here because of you Tony. For us to
continue what we long started’
To be continued.
For those of you wondering who
Ximena is, it will be explained next

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